Chronicle Year Book 2017

It is with immense pleasure that we present this revised and updated Year Book. With this edition, the Chronicle Year Book has entered into its twelfth successful year of publication. In this new look edition, we have added some new sections and extensively updated the existing ones with an aim to make this Year Book a handy reference book. This edition’s cover story focuses on Media & Entertainment. The Media & Entertainment industry is undergoing a paradigmatic change. Newspaper subscriptions are under pressure and new media is threatening the dominance enjoyed by television.There has also been shift in the role played by media. Traditionally, the primary role ascribed to media was dissemination of information; to provide authentic news to the people. However, with focus on TRP and circulation figures the focus had shifted to entertainment and sensationalization. There is also a drive towards convergence of media platforms with the increasing popularity of smart phones, tablets and notepads. The cover story discusses the various aspects of Media & Entertainment are new media and its role in ntertaining people, how social networking is becoming a new meeting place for people, social responsibility of media, an overview of E&M (Entertainment and Media) industry, digitization, and also the career opportunities in the E&M industry.