Mains Question


Judicial Recusal

Question : It has been observed that Judges are recusing themselves from hearing the cases on flimsy grounds, but the post that judges occupy gives them zero immunity from recusal, irrespective of the price they have to pay in their personal & professional life. Comment (250 Words)

Jobless Growth In India

Question : Some Economists like Paul Krugman (Noble Prize Winner) are of the view that India’s economic growth history is a history of jobless growth. Do you agree with this statement? If yes, what should the Government do in 2019 to create jobs along with the growth in Indian Economy?

Farm Loan Waiver

Question : Many State Governments like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh have resorted to loan waiver for the farmers. Do you think loan waiver is the solution to India’s Farm Distress?

US Exit From Afghanistan

Question : The US Government has recently decided to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. What are the causes that have led to the Exit of US and what shall be the India’s Policy vis-à-vis Afghanistan?

DGP Appointment

Question : Supreme Court had made it mandatory for the states to select the Director General of Police (DGP) with the consent of UPSC. Do you think that this is an attack on Federalism?

Collegium System

Question : The recent appointment of Shri Sanjiv Khanna and Dinesh Maheshwari to Supreme Court has created controversy regarding the Judicial Appointment through Collegium System. Do you think Collegium System needs an urgent relook?

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