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Urbanisation and Urban Policy in India

Urabanisation is the process of growth of urban centers, due to migration of people from rural areas and inherent rise in the population of cities. According to census 2011, India is urbanising at a fast pace and level of urbanisation in India is around 32%. Moreover, it is expected that .... Read More
India’s Nuclear Doctrine – Should India Review its Pledge?

—By Manisha Kukreti Recently, India’s Nuclear doctrine was once again under debate over Defence Minister’s remark in Pokhran that India’s adherence to the principle of ‘no first use’ of nuclear weapons is not sacrosanct and its future course would depend on the exigencies of the time. Genesis of the Nuclear Doctrine Post the .... Read More
Climate Change Challenges for India

As fires rage in the Amazon more than 15,000km away, Indians may feel that they’re unaffected. Nothing could be farther from the truth. India, where millions rely on natural resources and on the monsoon for sustenance, is especially vulnerable. If India is to successfully tackle climate change—both in terms of mitigation .... Read More
Distorted Cropping Pattern in India: Effects and Remedies

During colonial times, India was infested with frequent droughts and famines that resulted in widespread hunger and mortality. It forced post independent India to adopt self-sufficiency in food grain production at high priorityand ushered measures such as Green revolution, which was largely successful asevident by record food grain production of .... Read More
Food Processing Sector in India

Food processing industry is a sunrise sector in India,which is expanding at a rate of 15% annually. Food processing refers to various techniques and operations by which raw foodstuffs are transformed into food that are suitable for consumption (value addition), cooking, or storage (to increase shelf life). Input and production are .... Read More
Fire Related Hazards in India

On 24 May 2019 at least 22 students were killed and several others injured in a fire at a coaching centre in Surat, Gujarat. On 12 February, 2019 massive fire at a hotel in Delhi claimed 17 innocent lives. These are glaring examples of lawlessness and fire safety mismanagement that .... Read More
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