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Gig Economy in India

The gig economy is part of a crucial transformation occurring in India’s work landscape, and ride-hailing companies are examples of platforms on which “gigs” can be found. The Indian ride-hailing market was projected to grow by 15.5 percent until 2023; the COVID-19 pandemic, however, has disrupted the trajectory. Gig Economy Gig economy .... Read More
Government Missions and their Achievements

Health Sector National Digital Health Mission On the eve of 74th Independence Day (15th August 2020), Indian Prime Minister launched the National Digital Health Mission(NDHM). Need Less Record Keeping: The health records situation in India is as fragmented as its healthcare market. Public and private hospitals often have varying technological capacity. The issue .... Read More
Status of Digital Payments in India

In India's journey towards becoming a cashless economy, two words and their impact played a significant role, 'demonetization' and 'COVID-19'. One laid out the foundation of digital payments and another became the main source to build up the digital payments ecosystem. As per the recent forecasting done by Accenture and released .... Read More
Socio-economic Impact of Recent Scientific Technologies

A.Block Chain Technology Blockchain is a new data structure that is secure, cryptography-based, and distributed across a network. The technology supports crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, and the transfer of any data or digital asset. Blockchain is the basis of bitcoins, it is a digital public ledger that records every transaction. It removes .... Read More
Social Capitalin the Times of Pandemic

Novel coronavirus is one of the greatest healthcare and economic crises of our time that is affecting the lives, health outcomes, and livelihoods of people around the globe. Policymakers and health experts around the world have asked their populations to limit social contacts and follow strict hygiene and distance recommendations, .... Read More
Agritech in India: Challenges and Opportunities

India’s digital ecosystem is witnessing healthy tailwinds such as affordability and availability of high speed internet and maturing digital content ecosystem. The confluence of these factors presents an exciting opportunity for innovation in agricultural ecosystem, wherein market players can leverage next generation technology such as data digitization and data platforms, .... Read More
Data Protection Framework of India

The 21st century has witnessed such an explosive rise in the number of ways in which we use information, that it is widely referred to as 'the information age'. It is believed that by 2020, the global volume of digital data we create is expected to reach 44 zettabytes. Much .... Read More
Examining the Utility of Article 142

The Indian Judiciary and the constitution of India believe that every citizen of India must get “complete justice”. The Constitution of India under Article 142 grants the power to the Supreme Court for passing any decree to do “complete justice”. And since past few years, Article 142 has become a .... Read More
Defence Sectorin India

Introduction The existing and emerging security scenario, both global and regional, requires the Armed Forces to maintain a high degree of preparedness across the entire spectrum of conflict. Identifying and developing the capabilities required by the Armed Forces to maintain the decisive edge will be the cornerstone of future defence planning. The .... Read More
Intellectual Property Rights in India

Introduction In times of the coronavirus pandemic, while the world strives to restore a semblance of normalcy, the field of intellectual property continued to witness some interesting updates in the country. Recently, the Delhi High Court continued with its trend of passing dynamic injunction orders against rogue websites indulging in online .... Read More
Wildlife Conservation in India

Introduction Wildlife resources constitute a vital link in the survival of the human species and have been a subject of much fascination, interest, and research all over the world. Wildlife involves the study of wild undomesticated animals and plants living in their natural habitats and their ecological interactions. Wildlife is defined under .... Read More
Rights vs Duties

Introduction Rights and duties go hand in hand. One's rights becomes another's duty and vice-versa. Out of the two which takes precedence is always a point of debate. According to Harold Laski, one man’s right is also his duty.Generally, a duty is an obligation and a right is an entitlement. The rights .... Read More
Rights and Responsibilities of Civil Servants

Introduction India is a constitution driven nation and its operations usually dependupon four supports that include Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, and Press. Each one of these has been assigned its role in democratic establishment. Civil Servants are considered as the backbone of the administration. In order to ensure the progress of the .... Read More
Geographical Analysis of Pollution in North India

Introduction For years, air pollution in India was seen as a problem largely for New Delhi, especially after the World Health Organization put India’s capital atop its list of most polluted global cities in 2014. The World Health Organization in 2018 updated list of most polluted cities globally on the basis .... Read More
Biodiversity Conservation

Introduction Biodiversity has taken centre stage in the planning and strategy of environmental and conservation bodies throughout the world. The term incorporates biological, geographical and human attributes which deserve some explanation before considering how biodiversity can be conserved. Biodiversity may be defined as the variety and variability of living organisms and the .... Read More
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