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Topper Badole Girish Dilip, RANK 20, IAS 2017:

Created On: 18-07-2018,9:57 AM

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Badole Girish Dilip, RANK 20, IAS 2017

Badole Girish Dilip, RANK 20, IAS 2017
One has to have diverse and in-depth knowledge

CSC: Heartiest congratulations to you from Civil Services Chronicle for your success. How are you feeling about it?
Very happy, can't be expressed entirely in words, but finally hard work has paid off.

CSC: What is your inspiration for becoming an IAS officer?
I wanted to become IAS since I was in Sainik School & inspired by encouragement received by IAS officers visiting school. Due to my background of poor rural family, I wanted to do social & national service, and contribute to development of all sections of society & country.

CSC: Whom do you credit for your success?
My parents, friends, & teachers who gave direction in this journey. Moral support I received from parents & friends was crucial. I've received valuable guidance from Vajirao & Reddy Institute under Dr. S.S. Chaudhary, Unique (pune), Success (pune).

CSC: What is the role of family and others (teacher, friends) in your preparation and success?
This journey was full of ups & downs. Positive encouragement during periods of failure from family & others helps us to fight our best & strive towards giving 100% to achieve success.

CSC: What was your source of preparation. Which Books, Magazines, News Papers and Online Sources were used by you during your prepration?
Basic books like NCERT, Spectrum, Laxmikanth, Magazines like World Focus, Chronicle, Newspaper - The Hindu.
Online - Rajya Sabha TV, Mrunal youtube.

CSC: How much time did you devote for this exam?
(a) Prelims
- 2 months
(b) Mains
- 4 months
- 3 months
(d) Optional
- 2 months

CSC: How did you manage your time in both prelims and mains examinations?
I prepared a meticulous plan & time table of study & followed it diligently. I made notes of newspaper from prelims & mains point view.

CSC: Did you integrate your Prelims and Mains preparation or was it separate?
It was an integrated approach as syllabus overlap is also there & books are also similar except optional, which was prepared separately. Prelims study focussed more on factual things & approach in mains was to combine facts with analytical ability & multidimensional thinking.

CSC: Did you prepare notes? How helpful were the notes? What is your advice on notes-making?
Yes, I have habit of notes making since MBBS as our books were bulky. Notes are helpful because they help in revising things, consolidate information, save valuable time. I advice aspirants to utilise benefits of making notes while studying.

CSC: Books and Strategy Preparation of Ethics Paper-IV
I read lexicon for basic overview, also 2nd ARC for governance. Political Science optional helped with philosopher & thinkers part. Self examination of our personality is important. Personal life examples are asked in questions.

For case study part, answer writing & using theoretical part helped.

CSC: Tell us something about your preparation of essay paper.
I consistently have received good score in Essay (152 in 2017). I prepared many quotes of Gandhiji, Ambed Kargi, Lincoln etc. Also, brain storming is important before essay. Essay writing practice is essential. I wrote quite a few essays between prelims & mains. Political Science optional helped in it too.

CSC: What was your style of writing in the exam? How was it distinct from the general writing style? How did you develop this writing style?
I combined paragraph & points format both depending on questions. I made utmost use of facts & analysis, diagrams, flow charts, underlining key words. I wrote in the ‘intro, body, conclusion’ format. I always kept answers balanced, multi-dimensional, with logical solution based conclusion, I joined test series in Vajirao & Reddy PT & Mains, Unique (Pune), Success (Pune), it helped a lot.

CSC: What was your optional? What was the basis of selecting this optional?
My optional was PSIR. I selected it because of my interest in global affairs (IR), it also helps develop analytical thinking, also very related to administration, governance of a country.

CSC: How did you prepare for interview?
I gave the interview last year but got less marks (138), because I did not give it much time due to my job. This year, I prepared diligently like self examination, balanced thinking, communication skill, current affairs. Also, mock tests at Vajirao & Reddy Institute under Dr. S.S. Chaudhary Sir, KSG, Unique etc. and improved my score to 193.

CSC: Which type of questions were asked in the interview? Did you answer all of them?
Questions were related to medical field, my job experience (ONGC Mumbai high), Marathwada & agriculture - drought issue due to agriculture family background &
some general like should railways be privatised? What is CSR, Navic, GPS etc. I answered most questions, I said don't remember to two questions in the interview.

CSC: Was there any specific area they emphasised upon?
My job experience & medical background.

CSC: Importance of coaching in the preparation of exam.
Direction & guidance is important in this journey. Good coaching helps us with guidance & support. For GS, I joined Vajirao & Reddy Institute, Success academy, for optional - Shubhra mam, for interview, mock tests at Vajirao & Reddy etc.

CSC: What is the role of Civil Services Chronicle in your success?
Chronicle gives thorough & detailed information on current affairs. Optional being PSIR, current & global affairs were crucial for me. Chronicle kept me updated on these issues & also gave systematic, to the point data & also good analysis.








Sainik School, Tuljapur

Maharashtra State Board




Dayanand College, Latur

Maharashtra State Board




GMC & JJ Hospital, Mumbai. (MBBS)

MUHS, Nashik






Date of Birth


Father's Name & Occupation

Badole Dilip M, Farmer

Mother's Name & Occupation

Badole Shobha D., Housewife

Brother's/Sister's Name

Badole Ashish Dilip, Student


Watching football, playing chess, watching documentary


NCERT, The Hindu, Laxmikanth, Spectrum, Shanker Environment, Culture Singhania.

G.S. 1:
Culture Singhania + NCERT, History Spectrum, Sociology NCERT, Geography-NCERT, G.C. Leong.
G.S. 2:
Polity - Laxmikanth, IR - The Hindu.
G.S. 3:
Economy - Ramesh Singh, Hindu.
G.S. 4:
Internal Security - TMH, Hindu, Lexicon.
Optional Paper-1:
PSIR I - Gauba, Heywood ideology, Laxmikanth, Hindu.
Optional Paper-2:
PSIR II - Ignou for coparative, IR - Hindu, Rajyasabha TV, World Focus, Selective – Sumit Ganguly, Heywood.
Magazines/ Newspapers:
Chronicle monthly & yearly magazine,The Hindu, World Focus.

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