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Prelims 2023 Special-5

Terminologies and Statements-based Content

Constitution, Public Policy, Rights Issues

Political System & Panchayati Raj

In this Special Section (Prelims 2023 Special-5), we have covered Indian Polity and Governance. Instead of covering the syllabus of Indian Polity and Governance in a traditional manner, we have identified key areas form across the syllabus that are important form the Prelims exam perspective. We have come up with curated content on each topic covering aspects that are frequently asked in the examination.

In the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination, significant changes have been observed in the nature of questions being asked in the past few years. In the present scenario, most of the questions are statement based. The questions are not being asked directly; rather, they are based on the background of topics in news and test the understanding and conceptual clarity of the aspirants.

In the past few years, the questions on Indian Polity and Governance have been framed around topics that are based on Constitutional aspects of important current issues, various rights, and dimensions of governance. Accordingly, we have incorporated Constitutional provisions, important judicial verdicts, terminologies, and important statements related to each topic.

This method of presentation of the content is intended to develop the required understanding and conceptual clarity that will help candidates successfully attempt the questions.

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Indian Polity And Governance