Wetland Conservation: Laws, Conventions & Other Initiatives

Wetlands in India

  • Wetlands comprise around 4.86% of the total geographic area of India
  • Number of wetland sites in India under Ramsar Convention in India are 75. These 75 sites cover an area of 13,26,677 hectares.
  • Globally, there are 2477 Ramsar sites.
  • Maximum number of Ramsar sites in states - Tamil Nadu (14), Uttar Pradesh (10), Odisha and Punjab (6 each) etc.

Types of Wetlands

  • Coastal Wetlands: Coastal wetlands are regions between land and the open sea, unaffected by river influence, encompassing shorelines, beaches, mangroves, and coral reefs. For instance, mangrove swamps thrive in sheltered tropical coastal areas.
  • Marshes: These wetlands, situated at ....
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