MPPSC State Service Prelims Exam 2023

  • Major Iron Ore Producing Areas: Bailadila – Chhattisgarh, Keonjhar – Odisha, Balaghat - Madhya Pradesh, Kudremukh – Karnataka.
  • Tatipaka Oil Refinery: It is located in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh state.
  • Biosphere Reserve Areas: Nokrek – Meghalaya, Manas – Assam, Similipal – Odisha, Seshachalam – Andhra Pradesh.
  • First Successful Attempt to Use Underground Heat: For the first time, it was used in the United States, Boise, Idaho.
  • Molassis Basin: Mizoram is also known as Molassis Basin because it is made up of soft and unorganized rocks.
  • Gaza Strip: This is an area located on the coast of the Mediterranean ....
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