​New Spider Species Discovered in Western Ghats

In May 2024, two new species of jumping spiders have been discovered in the forests of southern Western Ghats, potentially boosting conservation efforts.

Key Points

  • New Species Identified: The new species, Habrocestum benjamin and Habrocestum swaminathan, were found in Kozhikode and Palakkad, respectively.
  • Contribution to Taxonomy: These discoveries add to the existing 11 species under the genus Habrocestum recorded in the Indian peninsula.
  • Jumping Spiders' Traits: Jumping spiders are known for their exceptional vision and jumping ability, aiding in hunting and evasion.
  • Habitat Insights: Habrocestum benjamin was found in damp leaf litter, while Habrocestum swaminathan was seen near a stream in an evergreen ....
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