World of Ancient Life: Palaeontology and Fossils

  • Wonderful, Overlooked Lizard with Unique Traits
    • Scientists have discovered a lizard named 'Thescelosaurus Neglectus', which was found in North America about 66 million years ago.
    • 'Thescelosaurus neglectus' is also known by the name 'Willow'. Its scientific name roughly translates as 'wonderful, unseen lizard'
    • It had some unique abilities usually found in underground animals. Abilities included a super sense of smell and excellent balance.
  • Discovery of Fossilised Eggs of the Words Largest Dinosaur in India
    • In January 2023, researchers discovered 256 fossilized eggs and 92 nesting sites of titanosaurs in the Lameta Formation, Narmada Valley, Madhya Pradesh.
    • Titanosaurs are one ....
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