“PRITHvi VIgyan” Scheme for Earth System Research

On 5th January, 2024, the Union Cabinet has given the green light to the "Prithvi Vigyan (Prithvi)" scheme, a comprehensive initiative by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, aimed at transforming India's approach to earth science research.

  • Prithvi merges five existing sub-schemes, including ACROSS, O-SMART, PACER, SAGE, and REACHOUT, with a significant investment of Rs 4,797 crore allocated from 2021 to 2026.
  • The scheme collectively targets Atmosphere & Climate Research, Ocean Services, Polar Science, Seismology, and Research, Education, Training, and Outreach, aiming to improve understanding of Earth's vital signs for societal, environmental, and economic benefits.
  • The scheme seeks to enhance long-term observations across various ....
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