​FWD-200B: Indigenous Bomber UAV

In May 2024, defence and aerospace technology firm Flying Wedge Defence and Aerospace launched the FWD-200B, an indigenous military-grade bomber unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), aiming to reduce India's dependence on costly imports and bolster national security.

Technical Specifications

  • Classified as a MALE Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (medium-altitude, long-endurance), the FWD-200B has a payload capacity of 100 kgs.
  • Equipped with optical surveillance payloads and integrated with precision weapons, the UAV is designed for air strikes.
  • It boasts a maximum take-off weight of 498 kgs, with a ground control station range of 200 kms.
  • With a maximum speed of 200 kts/370 kmph and an endurance ....
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