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Prelims 2023 Special-6

Geography Of India

Exam-centric, statements-based, to the point content with recent developments and important facts & figures

In this Prelims 2023 Special-6 we have covered Indian Geography. In the Civil Services Preliminary Examination, in General Studies Paper-I, a lot of questions are asked from Geography of India.

Analysing the questions asked during past 3 years:

  • We found that most of the Geography questions pertain to the Geography of India, some sections of which are very dynamic in nature.
  • The questions are inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and based on current affairs with geographical underpinnings.
  • It is generally observed that updated facts and figures related to these segments, due to their dynamic nature, are not easily available to the aspirants. Even the standard books lack updated data, facts and figures.

Keeping this in mind, in this Prelims 2023 Special-6:

  • We have presented contemporary topics-based content on these dynamic segments of the Geography of India.
  • We have divided the entire content into nine chapters based on topics from which most of the questions are asked.
  • We have incorporated the geographical and historical aspects, important facts, recent developments, and institutional framework related to each topic for comprehensive coverage.

We hope you find this material helpful in your preparation for General Studies Paper-I of the Preliminary Examination.

We encourage you to send us your feedback at

Happy reading!

Geography Of India




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