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Navigation & River Ecology

Impact rivers, their waters and the creatures that inhabit themAs Government inaugurated India’s first multi-modal terminal on the Ganga river in Varanasi on November 12, the spotlight is back on how navigation of arguably India’s greatest river would impact it. The development marks the commencement of the government’s Jal Marg .... Read More
Human-Wildlife Conflict

We need to protect lives of humans but not at the cost of wildlifeIncreasing human and animal population, shrinking forests etc. have made the human animal conflict inevitable. But it’s not as though there are no solutions. Recent killing of six-year old tigress Avni, accused of killing 13 human beings, .... Read More
Gene Drive

Great Gains & Great DangersExtinctions are seldom cause for celebration. Humans are wiping out species at a frightening rate, whether hunting them into history or, far more threateningly, damaging the habitats on which they depend. But occasionally, the destruction is warranted. Smallpox was officially eradicated in 1980, and no one .... Read More
RBI Vs. The Government

Unelected Bodies like RBI are Vital for DemocracyThe RBI is the central bank for India. Central Bank in any country plays a critical role in the governance, RBI being no exception. The main objective of a central bank is to secure monetary stability. The objectives of the Reserve Bank of .... Read More
Air Pollution

We Need to Go Beyond Conventional Measures The WHO report, titled ‘Air Pollution and Child Health: Prescribing Clean Air’, released recently, said air pollution was responsible for the deaths of over one lakh children under age 5 in India in 2016, and over 7,000 children between ages 5 and 14. In .... Read More
Tribal Health in India

over 104 million tribal people live in India. Spread across 705 tribes, they account for 8.6% of the country's population. Cognizant of the distinct socio-cultural structures and way of life in these communities, the Government of India has laid down the three landmark policy expressions -- the Constitution of India, .... Read More
State of Health and Health Care in Tribal Areas

The problem of lower health status of tribal people is global. A recent international review revealed that health and social outcomes compared on 9 indicators were poorer for tribal people than for the rest of the population in most of the countries. However, it is not nature's inviolable law. Life .... Read More

Daily Nutrient Intake The third round of the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau (NNMB) survey completed in 2008-09 found that the mean intake of most foodstuffs and nutrients by tribal people continued to be below the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) by the Indian Council of Medical Research and had in fact reduced .... Read More
Health Care Infrastructure

As per the present norms, tribal and hilly areas should have one Health Sub-centre (HSC) per 3000 population, one Primary Health Center (PHC) per 20,000 population, and a Community Health Centre (CHC) per 80,000 population. Data on 'required versus shortfall' of Sub-centres, PHCs and CHCs in tribal areas of 18 states .... Read More
Diagnosis of Tribal Health

Tribal health in India suffers from following ten burdens: Communicable diseases, maternal and child health problems and malnutrition continues to prevaili Non-communicable diseases including mental stress and addiction are rapidly increasing; Injuries due to accidents, snake and animal bites and violence in conflict situations; Difficult natural conditions arising due to geographic terrain, distance and .... Read More

Goals The overarching goal of health care for the tribal people should be to bridge the current gap in the health status of the tribal people and to bring the health coverage and outcome indicators at par with the state's average latest by the year 2027. The sub-goals should be: To create a .... Read More
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SMART QTotal Questions: 59

1. Consider the following statements about “Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel”

  1. He was the staunch critic of Capitalism and an ardent supporter of Socialism
  2. “Statue of Unity” is located between “Satpura” and “Vindhya” mountain ranges
  3. “Lahore Session” of the Congress was presided over by Sardar Patel

Which of the above statements is/are true?

1 & 2 only
3 only
1, 2, 3
2 only