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Poonam Khetrapal Singh Poonam Khetrapal Singh has been reappointed WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia, for a five-year term. The World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board on 26th January, 2019 unanimously endorsed Dr. Khetrapal Singh, who was earlier also unanimously nominated by 11 Member countries of the Region. Sultan AbdullahSultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad .... Read More

Piyush GoyalPiyush Goyal has been appointed as the Interim Finance Minister and Interim Minister of Corporate Affairs with Arun Jaitley undergoing surgery in the US. Piyush Goyal is currently the Minister for Railways & Coal and will also be the Interim Minister for Corporate Affairs. Sanjiv KhannaJustice Sanjiv Khanna was sworn in .... Read More

George FernandesGeorge Fernandes, former Parliamentarian and Union Minister, died on 29th January, 2019. Under his stewardship, India fought the Kargil war in 1999. It was also during his tenure that India conducted nuclear tests at Pokhran in 1998.Atin BandyopadhyaySahitya Akademi award winning Bengali writer Atin Bandyopadhyay passed away on 19th January, .... Read More

DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2018 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2018 was awarded to Jayant Kakini & Tejaswini Niranjana for a short story collection titled “No Presents Please” on 25th January, 2019 at the Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet. In the above mentioned award ceremony, US $25,000 DSC Prize .... Read More

2nd World Integrated Medicine Forum The 2nd World Integrated Medicine Forum 2019 on the Regulation of Homeopathic Medical Products was held from 23rd to 25th January, 2019 in Goa. This forum was organized by the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, under the Ministry of AYUSH. India Steel 2019 Exhibition and Conference The 3-day .... Read More

State Tiger Protection Force (STPF)The Telangana government has decided to form a 112 member armed ‘State Tiger Protection Force’ (STPF) to protect Tiger populations in Amarabad and Kawal Tiger Reserves. The State and Central government will share the cost of the force on 40:60 basis. Committee on Group InsolvencyThe Insolvency and Bankruptcy .... Read More

Bloomberg Innovation Index 2019India was ranked 54th in the list of most innovative countries in the world with a score of 47.93 out of 100 in 2019 ‘Bloomberg Innovation Index’ of 60 economies. South Korea has topped the Index for the sixth time in a row with a total score of .... Read More

National Salt Satyagraha MemorialTo commemorate the ‘Death Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’, PM Modi dedicated the ‘National Salt Satyagraha Memorial’ in Dandi, Gujarat to the Nation on 30th January, 2019. At the memorial site, PM Modi also unveiled statues of Mahatma Gandhi and 80 Satyagrahis who had marched with him during the .... Read More

Amateur Golf ChampionshipIndia’s Kartik Sharma won the New South Wales men’s Amateur Golf Championship in Australia. Earlier, he had also won the Indian golf union western India amateur golf championship 2018. Indonesia Masters 2019Saina Nehwal won the women’s singles title on 27th January, 2019 after injured Carolina Marin limped out of the .... Read More

Exercise SEA VIGILTen years after “26/11”, the Indian Navy commenced the largest coastal defence exercise off the Indian coast on 22nd January, 2019. Exercise SEA VIGIL, was undertaken along the entire 7516.6 km coastline and Exclusive Economic Zone of India and is involving all the 13 coastal States and Union Territories .... Read More
Universal Basic Income

UBI is a fine idea, but can it be at the cost of expenditure on health, education or rural infrastructure? universal basic income (UBI), a welfare benefit that guarantees a certain threshold sum of money for everyone regardless of whether they work or not, is the next big political-economy idea fast catching .... Read More
IPR in Agricultural Biotechnology

Patents are integral to innovation, but in agricultural biotechnology farmers' interest can't be ignored. Biotechnology has revolutionised agriculture by helping farmers produce a greater variety of crops in larger quantities. However, recently, three different courts adjudicated upon matters that greatly impact farmers and indigenous communities. Delhi High Court’s Ruling In April 2018, the High .... Read More
Is India Winning the Space Race?

India space mission has altogether a different objective. Rather than focussing on military aspect. India has focussed on space exploration. China recently became the third country to land a probe on the Moon on January 2, 2019. But its operation is more significant issue since the probe landed on the dark .... Read More
Farmers’ Distress

If loan waiver was the solution to agrarian distress, why hasn’t it prevented farm incomes from decelerating and farmers from committing suicide? Farmers are always in distress when prices of their produce are subdued. The response of governments has been to sharply hike minimum support prices (MSP) of crops or declare .... Read More
Emerging New Global Order and Positioning of India

Considering India’s growing economy and enhanced military capabilities, Indian leaders are pushing for their country’s due place in global councils. In international realms, term ‘global order’ broadly refers to the distribution of power and authority among the political actors on the global stage. In the late 19th and early 20th Century, global .... Read More
Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

The Citizenship (Amendment) bill proceeds on the assumption that religious minorities in both Pakistan and Bangladesh are, in effect, unwanted citizens that look to India as the country of refuge. The North-eastern part of India is now seized with one issue. It is seldom that the region rises together on a shared .... Read More
The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty Fourth Amendment) Bill, 2019

The 124th Constitution Amendment Bill, 2019 to award 10 per cent reservation to economically weaker sections was passed by the Parliament in January, 2019. With this, the great reservation debate has once again started. What does India need – more jobs or more quota? Who needs reservation in jobs and .... Read More
Special Provisions for Certain Classes

Constitutional promise is explicitly for social exclusion and discrimination Articles 330-342 under Part 16 of the Constitution outline special provisions for certain classes. The Constitution identifies only four such classes — SCs, STs, Backward Classes and Anglo Indians. The Constitutional promise is explicitly for social exclusion and discrimination. While providing quotas for .... Read More
Reservation to Economically Weaker Sections: Key Issues Involved

Fundamental Rights of Educational Institutions: Creating reservation at private-unaided educational institutions would eschew the freedoms under Article 19(1)(g). Curbing fundamental rights for facilitating professional and degree education is an overstretch from Article 21A’s mandate of literacy and primary schooling. Socially Weaker Sections will not be covered by the New Quota: An .... Read More
Rationale for SC, ST, SEdBCs Reservations

The term “backward class of citizens” has been generally understood, and also defined by the Supreme Court in the Mandal case (Indra Sawhney vs Union of India, 1992) judgment, to include the SCs, STs, and Socially and Educationally Backward Castes (SEdBCs). These are not exceptions, but special provisions to ensure .... Read More
Article 15(5) of the Constitution

Amendment of Constitution Part XX of the Constitution deals with its amendment Under Article 368(2), Parliament can amend the Constitution by passing a Bill in “each House by a majority of the total membership of that House and by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members of that House .... Read More
Ninety Third Amendment

The amendment was challenged on two major issues:i) Whether it violated the “basic structure”ii) Whether Articles 15(4) and 15(5) were mutually contradictory — and hence, Article 15(5) was ultra vires of the ConstitutionThe RulingIn March 2008, a five-judge Constitution Bench upheld the law providing 27 per cent quota for OBCs .... Read More
Quota in Proportion to Population

It has been their longstanding demand for quotas in proportion to their population. According to the 1931 caste census, OBCs constituted 52 per cent of undivided India’s population. The government has not yet made public the caste census carried out in 2011-12.Number of OBCsAs per Census 2011, the population of .... Read More
Sinho Commission

The three-member commission, headed by Major Gen (retd) S R Sinho, was instituted by the UPA government and had submitted its report in July 2010. The Sinho Commission report of 2010, which the Centre has been citing as the basis for its legislation to grant 10 per cent reservation to .... Read More
Issue of Employment

Even as governments want more and more sections of society to benefit from reservations in public sector jobs, the truth is the size of the cake itself is becoming smaller. As a recent report published in the Indian Express, annual Central government recruitment (including in the Railways) has fallen from .... Read More
Effective Reservation Policy

In spite of reservations, a vast proportion of reserved category applicants do not find a place via the government recruitments. Hence, we must think about alternative strategies.Individuals should use Their Reserved Category Status Only OnceOne strategy may be to try and spread the benefits of reservations as widely as possible .... Read More

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