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Emergence of Human Security Paradigm in International Relations amidst COVID-19

The concept of human security is central to the understanding of the impact of COVID 19 pandemic on the global society. This pandemic has ruffled the waves of human insecurity in as much as other global issues like climate change, global financial crashes, rise of international terrorism, ethnic conflicts and .... Read More
Minor Forest Produce : Socio-economic Support for Tribals

The central government recently announced the inclusion of 23 additional Minor Forest Produce (MFP)items under a centrally-sponsored scheme, Minimum Support Price (MSP) aimed at ensuring fair returnsto tribal MFP gatherers. These 23 new MFP items include van tulsi seeds, van jeera, tamarind seed,bamboo brooms, and seed lac. It is recommended .... Read More
India and its Neighbours: Analysing Border Disputes

India has 15,106.7 km of land border and shares land boundary with 7 countries i.e. Afghanistan, China, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal. Colonial backdrop (poorly marked borders), bitter past relations, rising geo-political ambitions in South-Asia and difficult terrain have resulted in many border disputes.Rising tensions and recent face-off between .... Read More
India’s Looming Power Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic, along with the ensuing lockdown, is an unprecedented health and economic crisis. This is true for the electricity sector, even though “lights are on” in every household. Recently, Moody’s Investors Service changed its outlook for the Indian power sector to negative from stable on declining power demand, .... Read More
Mock Test


Practice Set 7Total Questions: 100

1. Setubandh / Ravanaho one of the important gems of Marathi poetry was written by which Vakataka ruler:

Rudrasena 1
Rudrasena 2
Parvarasena 2 (Damodarsena)
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