Social Issues :

Decriminalization Of Homosexuality

The vision of our constitutional fathers while making the Indian Constitution was that it remain fluid and dynamic to the ever changing needs and demands of the Indian Society. They envisioned a living document that was flexible but bounded within the morality of the Constitution.

Women Temple Entry: Sabarimala Issue

The world over, issues of gender disparity and gender biased norms have been brought to the fore front in public debate. India is no exception.

Ordinance Banning Instant Triple Talaq (or Talaq-e-biddah)

Sacchar Committee observed in its report that the contemporary status of Muslims in India was abysmally low and deprivation prevailed. This deprivation within the community stems from a shortage of three essentials:

  • Knowledge (measured by literacy and average years of schooling),

Law Commission On Uniform Civil Code In India

In a recent ‘Consultation Paper on Family Law Reforms’ released by the Law Commission, the commission has taken a stand in favour of “equality ‘within communities’ between men and women” (personal law reform), “rather than ‘equality between’ communities (Uniform Civil Code)”.The consultation paper states that the Law Commission should deal with laws that are discriminatory rather than providing a uniform civil code which is neither necessary nor desirable at this stage.

Decriminalization Of Adultery

Over the years, many archaic laws have been struck down by the Indian Judiciary and legislature as they represent the morality of colonial times and not the reality of the 21st century. The scenario in today’s society is such that woman are socially and financially independent and decriminalizing adultery brings the women at par with men and gives them the right to have consensual feelings of her own and act on her own free will.

Aspirational Districts Programme

The policy makers all over the world are observing a transitional shift in their development strategy, from centralized planning to evidence based policy making. The use of digital technology to monitor real time progress through a dash board has had a direct bearing on quality of life and economic productivity of the citizens.

Capitalize On Artificial Intelligence To Combat COVID-19

Since the last few months, the world is experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks that generally follow a similar pathway: an initial phase with few infections and limited response, followed by a take-off of the epidemic curve along with a national lockdown to flatten the curve. Amidst all this, governments across the world are burdened by the question as to when and how to manage de-confinement.

Psychosocial And Behavioural Impacts Of COVID-19

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China, which began in December 2019, evolved eventually to become a global pandemic.

COVID -19 And Ethics Of Human Challenge Trials

As laboratories around the world race to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, many people have volunteered to take part in a controversial testing method called human challenge trials. The method, which involves intentionally infecting volunteers with the novel coronavirus, is being promoted in order to speed up the process of preparing a vaccine.

Covid-19 And Restructuring Of Healthcare Infrastructure

India’s inadequate health infrastructure, a stringent response had to be undertaken to contain the virus.

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