About Faculty

I am into training civil service aspirants at the leading coaching institutions at Delhi and Bangalore(like Raus Ias, GS Score, KSG, Samkalp etc.) For the last 12 years. Many of the students have cleared UPSC in these periods, especially due to effective training in Mains Answer Writing. I will teach you Polity and Governance, and science and technology, international relations, the major portions of General Studies paper 2and 3. You can attend my classes for vast knowledge base and erudite presentation style.

About Faculty

5+years of teaching experience in various ias Acdemies in Delhi which includes carrier launcher, Beacon Ias academy, learn smartly ias academy and officers ias Acdemy and PSG study circle in tamilnadu

Dipankar Choudhary
Civil Services Examination 2019, IAS Topper, All India Rank–42
I am also very excited for new challenges and opportunities.

Pradeep Singh
Civil Services Examination - 2019- IAS Topper, All India Rank–Ist
My inspiration for becoming IAS to is to work for the downtrodden sections mainly farmers and daily wage labourers.

Abhishek Saraf
Civil Services Examination - 2019, IAS Topper, All India Rank - 8
I am naturally inquisitive. I like to learn new things from a wide variety of sources, apply what I learn in daily life. IAS provides the best opportunity for that. This motivated me to join IAS.


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