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Mukhyamantri Chaa Srami Kalyan Prakalpa

To ensure social security of over 7,000 tea garden workers of Tripura, the state government has announced a special scheme named "Mukhyamantri Chaa Srami Kalyan Prakalpa".

  • 75 per cent among 7,000 tea garden workers in Tripura are women.
  • The scheme assures housing, rations and financial support to the tea garden workers providing them with facilities of state and central government entitlements in a clubbed format.

Key Components of the Scheme

  • Provide home or land to farmers for constructing house,
  • Allot land of defunct tea garden on lease basis through Cooperative,
  • Provide drinking water, electricity, shelter, education and healthcare amenities to each and every family,
  • Priority group ration card to be given,
  • Promote their children to send them in pre-primary to Higher Secondary schools,
  • Social pension to all eligible families, social allowance, Maternal and Child Health Care assistance to be given, ensure health insurance as per their ability,
  • Provide supportive appliances for handicapped persons, to monitor and coordinate with the managers for providing an eco-friendly environment, to be brought under PMAY.

Tripura Govt. Launched “Mukhyamantri Unnoato Godhan Prakalp”

  • The Government of Tripura has launched a 3-year plan to introduce sex-sorted artificial insemination of cattle under the Mukhyamantri Unnoto Godhan Prakalpa(MUGP) scheme.
  • It is aimed at making Tripura self-sufficient in milk production by ensuring that more cows are born through selective chromosome selection.
  • With this system, it is estimated to achieve 90% cow births, while the current conventional artificial insemination method has a varying mix of cow and bull births.
  • Earlier to Tirpura, Kerala, Haryana, Odisha and Maharashtra have adopted the sex sorted artificial insemination of livestock.
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