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Maharashtra Approves Reservation for Marathas

Maharashtra Cabinet approves 10% reservation for Marathas in education and government employment.

  • Bill to extend reservations to Marathas to be introduced on 20th Feb.
  • Maharashtra Backward Class Commission report highlights Marathas as socially and educationally backward.
  • Commission recommends specifying Marathas under Constitution's Articles 15(4), 15(5), and 16(4).
  • Report suggests exceeding 50% reservation cap due to "exceptional circumstances" and 84% Marathas not well-off.

Maharashtra Introduces ‘Chief Minister Vayoshree Yojana’ for Senior Citizens

On 5th February, 2024, the Maharashtra Government announced the launch of the ‘Chief Minister Vayoshree Yojana,’ expected to benefit 15 lakh senior citizens with disabilities, offering financial assistance and various other initiatives.

Key Points

  • Financial Assistance for Senior Citizens: Under the ‘Chief Minister Vayoshree Yojana,’ senior citizens above 65 years suffering from physical or mental disabilities will receive Rs 3,000 after screening.
  • The scheme is set to cover 15 lakh beneficiaries across all districts, with an estimated cost of Rs 480 crore.

Maharashtra to issue Certificates using Blockchain Technology

  • Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development has decided to issue block chain based certificates to students.
  • Around 10 lakh digital certificates will be issued to diploma holders of eight educational years.
  • Singapore, Malta and Bahrain are the only countries using this technology.
  • According to technology provider Legit Doc’s, each student will receive a “” digital file containing the original PDF diploma certificate and its corresponding blockchain proof file. It can be verified within 10 seconds from anywhere around the world and does not require human intervention.
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