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6Reds Snooker World Cup 2021

  • Pankaj Advani beat Babar Masih of Pakistan to win the IBSF 6-Red Snooker World Cup 2021 title, held in Doha, Qatar. This is the 24th world title.
  • It is also his second major International championships win in a week. He won Asian Snooker Championship 2021 by defeating Amir Sarkhosh of Iran at the same venue.

Pankaj Advani wins Asian Snooker Championship 2021

India's Pankaj Advani successfully defended the Asian Snooker Championship at the Al Messila, a luxury collection resort & spa, in Doha, Qatar on 16th September 2021 outplaying Amir Sarkhosh of Iran.

  • Pankaj Advani has won this title for a second consecutive time. He is the winner of the last Asian Snooker Championship held in 2019.
  • Pankaj is the only player who has won the title in all forms of billiards, snooker, 6Reds, and 10Reds competitions.
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