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First Human Milk Bank Inaugurated

On 17th January, 2024, Punjab achieved a significant milestone by launching its inaugural Human Milk Bank (Comprehensive Lactation Management Centre) at Dr B R Ambedkar State Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Mohali, with support from the Rotary Club of Chandigarh.

Key Points

  • Global Inauguration: The world president of Rotary International inaugurated the Human Milk Bank. He emphasized Rotary’s role in empowering women, enhancing their health, and contributing to overall well-being, especially for mothers and children.
  • Financial Support for Equipment: The Rotary Club's financial support facilitated the purchase of vital equipment for the Human Milk Bank, demonstrating a commitment to providing the best possible nutrition to infants.
  • Comprehensive Lactation Management Centre (CLMC): The Human Milk Bank, also known as the Comprehensive Lactation Management Centre, serves as a crucial health facility, offering lactation support and management for all mothers within the hospital.

Punjab to roll out 'Mera Kaam Mera Maan' Scheme

  • The Govt. of Punjab has decided to roll out a new scheme called 'Mera Kaam Mera Maan' which will help the unemployed youth in the state to hone their skills and increase their chances of getting a job.
  • Under the scheme, these youngsters will be given short-term skill training free of cost.
  • The scheme will be rolled out from the current fiscal on a pilot basis for construction workers and their wards.
  • A target of 30,000 beneficiaries has been proposed.
  • The scheme also provides an employment assistance allowance of Rs. 2,500 per month for a period of 12 months from the start of the training course, which will be conducted at Punjab Skill Development Mission training centers.
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