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Kyrgyzstan Officially Declares Snow Leopard as National Symbol

Kyrgyzstan recently reinforced its dedication to conservation and ecological balance by officially proclaiming the snow leopard as its national symbol through a decree signed by President.

Key Points

  • Presidential Decree: President signed a decree recognizing the snow leopard as Kyrgyzstan's national symbol, emphasizing its role in representing natural wealth, cultural prosperity, and ecological stability.
  • Symbol of Ecosystem Health: The decree highlights the snow leopard as an indicator of the stability and health of the mountain ecosystem, covering one-third of the global territory.
  • The loss of snow leopards is deemed a threat to the fragile ecological balance impacting various animal species and humans.
  • Cultural Significance: In ancient Kyrgyz culture, the snow leopard held cultural importance as a totem animal linked to the legendary hero Manas, symbolizing greatness, nobility, courage, bravery, and resilience.
  • Global Leadership in Conservation: Kyrgyzstan has been a front-runner in snow leopard conservation globally, hosting the inaugural Global Snow Leopard Forum in 2013.
  • The Bishkek Declaration on Snow Leopard Protection and the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Programme (GSLEP) were key outcomes.

Appointment of Manisha Padhi as India's First Woman Aide-De-Camp

Squadron Leader Manisha Padhi, an Indian Air Force officer, was recently appointed as India's first Woman Aide-De-Camp (ADC) from the Indian Armed Forces.

Key Points

  • Mizoram Governor's Announcement: Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati, Mizoram Governor, appointed Padhi and shared the news through a video on social media.
  • Breaking Gender Norms: Governor stressed Padhi's appointment as a testament to women breaking gender norms and excelling in various domains.
  • Role Clarification: Defined the role of an Aide-De-Camp as a personal assistant to a high-ranking individual, including a head of state.

Christopher Luxon Assumes Office as New Zealand Prime Minister

On 27th Nov, former airline executive Christopher Luxon officially took office as New Zealand's Prime Minister, emphasizing a commitment to addressing inflation and lowering interest rates.

Key Points

  • Transition of Power: Christopher Luxon, the former chief executive of Air New Zealand, was sworn in as the head of a new coalition government, succeeding the Labour Party's Jacinda Ardern.
  • Immediate Priorities: The new government plans to prioritize restoring law and order and enhancing public services in its initial months in office.
  • Cost of Living Challenges: The previous Labour government faced challenges in controlling the rising cost of living, attributed in part to global factors such as pandemic-related supply issues and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

"Hello Naariyal" FoCT Call Centre to Aid Coconut Farmers

On 13th Nov, the Coconut Development Board inaugurated the "Hello Naariyal" Friends of Coconut Tree (FoCT) call centre, aimed at assisting coconut farmers in harvesting and plant management practices.

Key Points

  • Extended Services: While functioning from Kochi, the Hello Naariyal call centre will benefit coconut growers in Kerala and extend its services to traditional coconut-growing states such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka through respective Unit Offices.
  • FoCT Registration: A total of 1924 Friends of Coconut Tree (FoCT) individuals have registered for the call center, providing services at the Block Grama Panchayat level for various coconut cultivation activities.
  • Comprehensive Services: FoCTs offer services related to coconut tree climbing, plant protection, harvesting, seed nut procurement, nursery management, and more at the district level.
  • Objective: The call centre aims to enhance coconut sector activities by connecting FoCT palm climbers with coconut farmers, producer organizations, entrepreneurs, and agriculture officials.

ISAR Honours 2023

Recently, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for its initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards Board (SRSB) has been awarded the ISAR Honours 2023 by the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) working group on International Standards for Accounting and Reporting (ISAR).

  • ICAI’s initiative SRSB received the highest score in this year's ISAR HONORS session among 70 initiatives from around the world.
  • ISAR Honours recognizes policy, institutional and capacity-building initiatives to encourage and assist enterprises to publish data on their contribution to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and facilitate good practices in this area.

Tallest Statue of Dr. B R Ambedkar Unveiled in Maryland, USA

On 14th October, 2023, the inauguration of the tallest statue of Dr. B R Ambedkar, known as the principal architect of India's Constitution, took place in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C.

Key Points

  • Historic Unveiling: More than 500 Indian-Americans from various parts of the United States, India, and other countries attended the unveiling of the 19-feet tall "Statue of Equality," marking a historic event.
  • Statue Origins and Significance: The statue was created by the renowned artist and sculptor, Ram Sutar, known for crafting the "Statue of Unity" of Sardar Patel, located on an island in Narmada, Gujarat.
  • Named the "Statue of Equality," it symbolizes the issue of inequality, not limited to India but present in various forms worldwide, according to Ram Kumar, president of the Ambedkar International Center (AIC).
  • The "Statue of Equality" is seen as a step towards unifying the Indian-American diaspora and promoting social justice.

ICAR-IARI Collaborates with IIT Kanpur to Boost Agri-Innovation Incubators and Startups

ICAR-IARI, a prominent agricultural research organization, has recently inked an agreement with IIT Kanpur to extend support to incubators and startups in the agricultural sector.

Key Points

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU): A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was officially signed between Pusa Krishi, a part of ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, and the Start-up Incubation & Innovation Centre (SIIC) at IIT Kanpur.
  • This collaborative effort aims to nurture agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Virtual Signing; The MoU was signed in a virtual ceremony, with Viswanathan Chinnusamy, Joint Director (Research) at IARI, and Professor Ankush Sharma from the Department of Electrical Engineering at SIIC, IIT Kanpur, representing their respective institutions.
  • Support for Incubators and Startups: The agreement seeks to provide essential support to incubators and startups, nurturing their growth and success within the agricultural sector.

Tribal University to be Launched in Telangana

On 1st Oct, Prime Minister unveiled plans for the Central government to establish a Central Tribal University in Telangana's Mulugu district, with a projected cost of Rs 900 crore.

Key Points

  • Tribal Goddess Tribute: The university will be named after the tribal goddesses, Samakka and Sarakka.
  • Empowering Youth: Prime Minister Modi highlighted the significance of the Central Tribal University, stating that it will particularly benefit the youth, especially those belonging to tribal communities.
  • Institution of Eminence: The Central University of Hyderabad has been designated as an Institution of Eminence and has received special funding support.

President Inaugurates Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show

On 21st Sept, Indian President inaugurated the first Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show at India Expo Centre and Mart in Greater Noida.

The event, a collaborative effort by the UP Government and India Exposition Mart Limited (IEML), is set to run from September 21 to 25.

Key Points

  • Venue and Purpose: The five-day extravaganza unfolds at the India Expo Mart in Knowledge Park, Greater Noida. Its primary aim is to provide international exposure and market opportunities for Uttar Pradesh's products, specialties, cuisine, and culture.
  • Diverse Exhibitors: Over 2000 exhibitors will display their offerings spanning various sectors, including automobiles, handicrafts, healthcare, food processing, pharmaceuticals, dairy, electronics, and e-commerce.
  • Informative Sessions: State government departments, institutions, and even the renowned Mumbai Dabbawala will conduct informative sessions on a range of business activities.
  • Boost to Start-ups: Additionally, the trade show will host 108 new startups eager to showcase their innovations.

Old Parliament Building Renamed as "Samvidhan Sadan"

On 19th September, 2023, the Prime Minister announced the new name for the old parliament building, which will now be known as "Samvidhan Sadan" or Constitution House.

Key Points

  • Significance: This historic structure, designed by British architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker, was completed in 1927 and has witnessed pivotal moments in Indian history, including the drafting and passing of India's constitution.
  • Honouring the Building's History: The Prime Minister paid tribute to every aspect of the old Parliament building, acknowledging its role in shaping India's democratic history.
  • Conservation as an Archaeological Marvel: It is planned to conserve the old Parliament building as an archaeological marvel of India, recognizing its historical and architectural significance.
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