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President Inaugurates Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show

On 21st Sept, Indian President inaugurated the first Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show at India Expo Centre and Mart in Greater Noida.

The event, a collaborative effort by the UP Government and India Exposition Mart Limited (IEML), is set to run from September 21 to 25.

Key Points

  • Venue and Purpose: The five-day extravaganza unfolds at the India Expo Mart in Knowledge Park, Greater Noida. Its primary aim is to provide international exposure and market opportunities for Uttar Pradesh's products, specialties, cuisine, and culture.
  • Diverse Exhibitors: Over 2000 exhibitors will display their offerings spanning various sectors, including automobiles, handicrafts, healthcare, food processing, pharmaceuticals, dairy, electronics, and e-commerce.
  • Informative Sessions: State government departments, institutions, and even the renowned Mumbai Dabbawala will conduct informative sessions on a range of business activities.
  • Boost to Start-ups: Additionally, the trade show will host 108 new startups eager to showcase their innovations.

Indian Coast Guard Conducts 'Operation Sajag' for Coastal Security along West Coast

On September 18, 2023, the Indian Coast Guard conducted 'Operation Sajag,' a comprehensive coastal security drill along the west coast.

This operation involved all stakeholders and aimed to revalidate the coastal security mechanism while raising awareness among fishermen at sea.

Key Points

  • Monthly Drill for Ongoing Improvement: This day-long drill is conducted every month, with its outcomes serving as a basis for ongoing improvements in the coastal security framework.
  • It offers an opportunity to assess the implementation of various coastal security measures, extract valuable lessons, and identify trends that impact coastal security.

Old Parliament Building Renamed as "Samvidhan Sadan"

On 19th September, 2023, the Prime Minister announced the new name for the old parliament building, which will now be known as "Samvidhan Sadan" or Constitution House.

Key Points

  • Significance: This historic structure, designed by British architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker, was completed in 1927 and has witnessed pivotal moments in Indian history, including the drafting and passing of India's constitution.
  • Honouring the Building's History: The Prime Minister paid tribute to every aspect of the old Parliament building, acknowledging its role in shaping India's democratic history.
  • Conservation as an Archaeological Marvel: It is planned to conserve the old Parliament building as an archaeological marvel of India, recognizing its historical and architectural significance.

Delhi's RML Hospital Inaugurates India's First Dedicated Transgender OPD

On 17th September, 2023, Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital in Delhi unveiled India's first specialized Outpatient Department (OPD) catering to the transgender community.

Key Points

  • Initiative Motivation: The launch of this dedicated OPD coincided with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday and was initiated to address the unique healthcare needs of the transgender community.
  • Facility Enhancements: As part of this initiative, a dedicated restroom facility will be made available within the hospital premises for transgender patients.

Swachhata Special Campaign 3.0 Portal

On 14th September, 2023, the Swachhata Special Campaign 3.0 Portal, a dedicated platform for monitoring the Swachhata (cleanliness) campaign in India, was launched.

Key Points

  • Campaign Details: The Special Campaign 3.0 will consist of a preparatory phase from September 15 to September 30, 2023.
  • During this period, Ministries/Departments will identify pending tasks in selected categories and finalize campaign sites.
  • The main phase of Special Campaign 3.0 will run from October 2 to October 31, 2023.
  • It will focus on cleanliness (Swachhata) and reducing pending tasks in government offices with a saturation approach.
  • The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) is the nodal department for implementing Special Campaign 3.0.
  • Achievements of the Swachhata Campaign: The Swachhata campaign, initiated by Prime on August 15, 2014, has accomplished four primary objectives:
    • Change in work culture, exemplified by the successful hosting of the G20 Summit.
    • Transition to over 90% online file work through the eOffice portal.
    • Productive utilization of open spaces, transforming junkyards into courtyards in some departments.
    • Promotion of an archive culture, with an increased focus on file archiving.

Supreme Court Data Integrated with National Judicial Data Grid Portal

On 14th September, 2023, Chief Justice of India announced the integration of the Supreme Court's data with the National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) portal, marking the completion of a comprehensive merger of all three tiers of the Indian judiciary on this platform.

Key Points

  • Integration of Supreme Court Data: The portal is designed to provide real-time updates and comprehensive information about the Supreme Court, including monthly and annual statistics on filed cases, cases disposed of, and pending cases, readily accessible with a simple click.
  • Efficient Management of Oldest Cases: This integration will provide a robust database for the Chief Justice of India to expedite the resolution of these longstanding cases.
  • Accessing the NJDG-SCI Portal: The NJDG-SCI portal can be conveniently accessed through the Supreme Court's official website. Users can simply click on the tab labeled "NJDG SUPREME COURT OF INDIA" to access the integrated data.

President of India Inaugurates 'National e-Vidhan Application' (NeVA)

On 13th September, 2023, the President of India officially launched the 'National e-Vidhan Application' (NeVA) and delivered an address at the Gujarat Legislative Assembly in Gandhinagar.

Key Points:

  • Digital Transformation of the Assembly: President highlighted that the inauguration of the E-Assembly, powered by the National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA), signifies a significant step toward transforming the Assembly into a Digital House.
  • Enhancing Efficiency and Transparency: NeVA would enable the members of the Assembly to adopt and learn from the best practices of the Parliament and other Legislative Assemblies across the nation.
  • This initiative, aligned with the goal of "one nation one application," would enhance the speed and transparency of the Assembly's operations while facilitating a paperless environment, promoting environmental conservation.

'Nation First Transit Card' for Seamless Commuting and Digital Payments

Recently, State Bank of India (SBI) introduced the 'Nation First Transit Card' to enhance customer commuting convenience, enabling digital fare payments for metro, buses, water ferries, and parking using a single card.

Key Points:

  • Enhancing Commuting Experience: The card aims to provide a seamless and convenient commuting experience, allowing digital ticketing fare payments for various modes of transportation, including metro, buses, water ferries, and parking, all through a single card.
  • Expanding Use Cases: In addition to transportation, the RuPay NCMC Prepaid Card can be used for retail and e-commerce payments.
  • RuPay and NCMC Technology: The 'Nation First Transit Card' is powered by RuPay and National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) technology.
  • Alignment with National Vision: SBI's Chairman noted that the card aligns with the national vision of "One Nation One Card."

India Launches G20 India Mobile App

In preparation for the G20 Summit in Delhi, the Indian government recently unveiled the G20 India mobile app, extending its availability to all visitors, including ministers.

Key Points:

  • Multilingual Information Hub: Developed by the Ministry of External Affairs, the G20 India app offers comprehensive information about the Summit in 10 languages, including Hindi, German, Portuguese, and Japanese.
  • Virtual Venue Tour: The app features a virtual tour of the Bharat Mandapam Convention Center at Pragati Maidan, aiding delegates, officials, and media personnel in navigating the venue effectively.
  • Navigation and Resources: Users can benefit from a navigation feature for multiple venues, dedicated sections for press releases, documents, speeches, delegate experiences, photos, videos, and more.
  • Yoga Break and Digital India Experience Zone: Notably, the app includes a "Yoga Break" feature to encourage users to practice yoga when needed.
  • It also highlights a Digital India Experience Zone, where visitors can explore available attractions and engage with the "Ask GITA" kiosk, providing answers based on the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita.
  • Additional Features: The app offers a range of other categories, such as Language Translation, Citizen's Corner, Crafts Bazaar, Explore India, and Calendar, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

World's Tallest 'Nataraja' Statue Installed at G20 Summit Venue

Recently, a towering 28-feet-tall statue of 'Nataraja', believed to be the world's tallest, has been placed at Bharat Mandapam, the host site for the upcoming G20 Summit in Delhi, symbolizing Lord Shiva as the 'Lord of Dance' and his cosmic power.

Key Points:

  • Cosmic Power Depiction: The statue embodies the cosmic power of creation and destruction associated with Lord Shiva.
  • Culture Corridor: The Ministry of Culture will unveil a 'Culture Corridor' at Bharat Mandapam on the summit's opening day.
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