Explained Socio-Economic Development

Explained Socio-Economic Development

Human Development, Sustainable Development, Inclusive Growth & Development, Financial Inclusion, Poverty & Inequality, Hunger & Malnutrition, Healthcare, Education, Employment, Rural Development, Agrarian Distress, Social Security & UBI, Vulnerable Groups, Regional Imbalance, and Demography with Concepts, Current Status, Challenges, Govt. Initiatives and Way Forward

A Useful Book on GS Prelims Paper-I, GS Mains Paper-III and GS Mains Paper IV

  • Only book catering to both Union and State Civil Services examinations.
  • Prepared strictly adhering to the Syllabus and successive Question Pattern of the UPSC.
  • Questions related to Socio-Economic aspects cover about 25 marks in Prelims and 120 marks in Mains examination.

Concept of Presentation

  • Covers all aspects of socio-economic issues, and intervention/solution to mitigate them.
  • A unique style of presentation of topics - concept, status, issues/challenges, Govt. interventions, way forward manner - having most recent Facts, Data, that can be asked/used in exams.
  • Basic to advanced features - to make the aspirant jump the Prelims hurdle and score good marks in Mains.
  • Also, the book will provide an analytical bent of mind towards facing the Interview Board as socio-economic issues are the most touching/relevant to a society.

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