The LEXICON For Ethics, Integrity And Aptitude 2022

The LEXICON For Ethics, Integrity And Aptitude 2022

This book ‘The Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude’ is a compendium covering all the dimensions of ethics and related concepts. This book completely justifies the syllabus of UPSC and other examinations where ethics is a dynamic subject – which oscillates between morality and ethicality.The book deals with in-depth concepts of normative ethics, meta-ethics, applied ethics and other related concepts.

If you are an aspirant for civil services, this book will enrich you with basic concepts of ethics as well as its application in real-life situations. So, this requires a systematic study of this book. Here are the three steps to develop clarity in concepts and the foundation for you to be ready for apply them.

Step 1: To derive maximum benefit out of this book, during the first reading, a reader must focus on the basic concepts and their relevance in real-life environment – conditions/situations. Try to differentiate between similar topics and focus on key definitions. To be more familiar with the topics, it requires a second reading. The second reading should be more in-depth and the reader should try to read between the lines and inculcate concepts and memorize keywords- this will make you comfortable in this subject.

Step-2: Ethics, being a dynamic subject, you have to develop a thought process and correlate different topics. Take the help of previous year question papers and try to answer the theoretical questions (not Case Study) of the paper through your earned knowledge after going through this book.

Step-3: After getting familiar with various concepts, terms & terminology, correlation among them, now you are ready to face real-life situations – to attempt case study questions. First go through the first chapter of this book that deals with case studies. Here you will find the logic of what you have learnt in basics.

Hope, you will enjoy this Book!!

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