Chronicle Year Book 2022

Chronicle Year Book 2022

The 20th edition of Chronicle Year Book 2022 is third in the series of its new approach on content.

We introduced a new concept of Year Book in 2019 that was widely accepted by readers.

The idea was to equip the readers to address the changing nature of questions in different examinations. Now-a-days, rather than facts & figures based questions we face analytical questions. This book, with in-depth analysis of current issues, makes the reader know about the finer points of the issue, its implications and govt. policies and interventions towards the same.

The book comprehensively analyses 100 Current Issues (2021-22) that have bearings on the world, countries, societies, and also on individuals. They are discussed under different themes like - Economic Issues; Policy, Administrative and Governance Issues; Constitutional Issues; Issues related to Social Development; New Technological Developments; Environmental Issues; Issues related to National Interest & Security; Issues related to Foreign Policy & International Events; Human Values & Ethical Issues; Art, Culture & Heritage related Issues.

Also, the Book incorporates Recent Developments (happenings in various fields), Government Intervention (Plan/Policy/Schemes) to address those developments, UN Charter (UN provision related to that issue), Proposals and Initiatives (Various Reports/Index released and Commission/Committee constituted), National & International Organisations, Constitutional Provisions (Acts/Amendments/Bills, Judgments), etc.

The schemes/Plans/Policies are further categorized under different heads like - Social Development; Neoteric Indian Polity; Democratic Decentralization; National Security; Science & Technology; Environment; Indian Economy; History & Culture; International Events & Bilateral Relations; Key Highlights of Union Budget 2022-23 & Economic Survey 2021-22; and India at a Glance.

This book is written under the guidance of Mr. N. N. Ojha (Editor, Civil Services Chronicle) with contribution from ‘Chronicle Editorial Team’.

Hope, this book will guide you in a better way to achieve your academic goals.

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