General Studies Geography India & World 2022

General Studies Geography India & World 2022

General Studies Geography India & World (2022) reprint edition has been presented as per the current nature and trend of the questions in General Studies (Preliminary and Mains) syllabus of the examinations conducted by the Union and State Public Service Commissions and similar competitive examinations.

In this book, we have dealt with Physical, Social, and Economic Geography of India and the World in two sections. Different topics are dealt with subtle explanations without overlapping/ repetition - for clarity.

Theories of Geography as well as the latest facts, figures and maps have been presented in proper place. In order to make the book more useful, new research and investigations in the field of geography have also been included in their assigned places.

At present, the pattern of questions related to geography are changing more and more quickly than other subjects related to humanities. there is more emphasis on economic and social aspects of geography. Further, questions are no more static; it is imperative to link current affairs with broader aspects of geography. Keeping this fact in view, the book has been presented in an insightful manner.

We have used an interdisciplinary approach with simple language while dealing with topics as well as current developments in that field to give a holistic view on that topic and to apprehend questions being asked in contemporary times.

Our objective while coming out with this book has been multifaceted – to address the students in graduation or post-graduation in geography at the university level and also for those who have neither been a student of geography nor have studied geography before but going to appear in competitive examinations.

This book is written by NN Ojha & Chronicle Editorial Team.

NN Ojha, Editor, Civil Services Chronicle, has over 30 years’ of experience in civil services and other related examinations for writing and guidance of magazines, books, study materials, etc.

In 1990-91, he introduced –Civil Services Chronicle – India’s first magazine solely dedicated to civil services aspirants. After that, under his expert guidance, notable books that were brought out are ‘IAS Planner’ (1995), ‘IAS Mains Optional and GS SolvedPapers’, ‘Chronicle Year Book’, ‘Lexicon’ – for Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude (2013), and many otherbooks exclusively for UPSC and State PCS Exams.

Chronicle Editorial Team comprises of a strong team of 40-45 subject experts/research scholars and persons having recent exam experience, who have contributed to more than 200 books that have set a benchmark in civil services and related examinations. Aspirants have benefited from these books immensely.

We have put sincere efforts to make this book flawless and hope that it will prove to be very useful in your endeavor – whether obtaining good marks in your academic pursuit or in any competitive examination where questions from geography are asked.

‘GS Marvel’ Series

‘GS Marvel’ series of books have been conceptualized by the Editorial Team of Chronicle for complete preparation and guidance towards Civil Services Prelims cum Mains examinations. These books are based on the latest UPSC syllabus and analysis of ‘trend and nature’ of last 30 years’ Prelims and Mains question papers.

The forthcoming books under this ‘GS Marvel’ series will assist you in complete preparation of civil services examinations.

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