29 Years UPSC/Civil Services Prelims General Studies 2023

29 Years UPSC/Civil Services Prelims General Studies 2023

The 2023 edition of ‘29 Years Topic-wise Solution of General Studies (Paper-I) of UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination’ is prepared strictly adhering to the latest syllabus.

Key Features of this Book

  • Categorization of questions according to topics
  • Detailed explanation to the questions asked
  • Explanation on options other than the correct one
  • Additional information on the topics from which questions were asked

Why Additional Information?

  • UPSC never repeats its questions but touches upon the topics again from different aspects. By going through the additional information provided herein, aspirants will be able to answer other questions that could be asked from the topics in future.
  • To comprehend in a better way the current pattern of questions which are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in nature.

An in-depth analysis of the questions reveals that prior to 2000 the questions were straightforward; later they became interdisciplinary and for the last three years, majority of the questions are multidisciplinary in nature.

For example, a question that asked about only Mughal architecture in the 90s changed to asking about Maratha architecture also in the same question, and in the past few years it has become a regular practice to ask about the geography or political conditions prevailing at that time. Therefore, the questions have become truly multidimensional.

To address this, the book is segregated into different sections and 100+ topics that will enable the readers to adopt a holistic approach towards preparation.

How to Read this Book

Start with solving the questions asked before 2000 which were straightforward. Later move year-wise gradually and this way you will get accustomed to the pattern and changes taking place so that you can plan your study/strategy accordingly.

Relevance of this Book for other Examinations

Though a little diluted, the trend or pattern of the questions being asked in UPSC are now a days being followed by many other examinations. Most of the questions in State Public Service Commissions’ examinations are being asked from the background and periphery of UPSC Civil Services examination questions. You can also use the explanations/additional information as study material for General Studies. So, preparing with these sets of questions and explanations is very much helpful for other competitive examinations also.

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