18 Years Topic-Wise Solution Of Previous Papers Sociology IAS Mains Q & A 2023

18 Years Topic-Wise Solution Of Previous Papers Sociology IAS Mains Q & A 2023

Sociology – IAS Mains Q & A - revised and updated edition (2023) covers topic-wise solution to previous years’ papers as per the latest syllabus.

Answer writing in this Book: We have put forth answers to each question as per the demand of the question. We have adopted an elaborative approach while writing these answers to arm you with relevant knowledge related to all aspects of a particular topic. In most of the answers, we have provided additional information, not necessarily adhering to the prescribed word limit while answering the questions covering all dimensions. This will enrich your knowledge on that topic, enabling you to write better answers in future.

How to use this book: This book will assist you in your answer writing practice in two ways - use this book as a source of reference for the topics and write answers in your own unique way or alternatively, you may write previous years’ answers and compare them with the standard answers provided in this book.

Importance of Sociology as an Optional: Being a generalized topic, it helps in all the four papers of the General Studies like topics from society, social justice, social issues, and related case studies in Ethics –Paper-IV. Sociology is considered as a safer optional as it doesn’t require any particular knowledge or academic background for its preparation as an optional.

Optional subject has become the deciding factor in getting an interview call. Though UPSC has introduced four GS papers to give a level playing field to all, the dynamic and unpredictable questions of GS papers defeated the purpose and made Optional paper the magic wand. The toppers’ score also tells it loudly that optional subject plays a defining role in determining the selection of the candidates.

So, overall this book is an ideal companion for you going to appear the Mains examination.To help the aspirants to get acclaimed with the pattern and trend of the exam, this book is a valuable gift to our readers.

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