The LEXICON For Ethics, Integrity And Aptitude 2023

The LEXICON For Ethics, Integrity And Aptitude 2023

The ninth edition of ‘The Lexicon For Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude’ has been updated in synchronization with the nature of questions being asked in GS Paper IV by UPSC.

Previously, the orientation of the paper was towards terminologies, definitions and theoretical understanding of the concepts. However, currently though the questions being framed are within the given syllabus, they are focussing more on the changing nature of the society.

There is a shift to applied nature of ethics which was evident in questions on role of ethics in human life, corporate social responsibility, e-governance initiatives helping beneficiaries, etc. Keeping this in mind, the book has been revised to suit the needs of the aspirants.

The nature of questions being asked emphasizes impact of policies, initiatives and political decisions on the vulnerable sections of the society from an ethical perspective. Considering this, the topics in the book have been revised to enrich the list of values, include ethics of just war, define ethics in private and public relationships and emphasize consequences of ethics in human action.

Questions on foundational values of civil servants have been asked in the past too but in order to achieve the objective of transforming civil servants into people-centric ‘Karmayogis’, values like competency, wisdom, compassion and empathy have assumed greater significance. This edition covers these values which are necessary to improve the efficiency of civil servants.

This revised edition comprises recommendations given by second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) to improve the governance and make it more inclusive, transparent, accountable and citizen-centric.Also, concepts like democratization of information, budget transparency, etc. have been covered.

With increasing debates of shifting towards privatization, corporate sector and its responsibilities have widened. Accordingly, a new chapter ‘Corporates and Ethics’ has been added which details out the definition and principles of corporate ethics, dilemmas faced in corporate sector and responsibilities of corporates. the ‘Contemporary Ethical Issues’ section discusses about ‘Innovation with Human values.’

The GS Paper IV (Ethics Paper) of the civil services examination is the litmus test of an individual, that is not only based on theoretical understanding but also scrutinizes candidates' attitude and approach to issues relating to integrity, probity in public life and their problem-solving approach to various issues, conflicts and dilemmas faced by them in dealing with society.

This book in a pedagogical manner enlightens an individual about ethics and all its related concepts. The book is not just about the definitions, thoughts, concepts but it is about the discussions, role-play, application of thoughts and underlying cases, etc. that are useful for every individual and not just a civil servant for showcasing moral conduct.

We hope this new edition adds significant value to your preparation. For further improvement, we invite your Feedback/suggestions at

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