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CSC Magazine (English) August 2018

CSC Magazine (English) August 2018

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337th Issue (August 2018) of Civil Service Chronicle is now on stands across India. Major highlights of the magazine include Special features on Important Topics, relevant for UPSC Civil Services Mains and Prelims. These topics include:

  1. Environmental Conflicts and Human Rights
  2. Governance of Water Resources
  3. National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence
  4. India's Engagement with the World
  5. Contemporary Issues
  6. Regular Columns

Blockchain Technology

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Different Types of Blockchain
  • Is Blockchain a Disruptive Technology?
  • Transformative Potential of Blockchain
  • Adoption of Blockchain in India
  • Can Blockchaining Aadhar Help?
  • Blockchain in the Coming Future

Governance of Water Resources

  • Composite Water Management Index
  • Rural Drinking Water
  • Urban Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Status of Ground Water in India
  • Major Water Policies & Schemes
  • Nature-based Solutions (NBS) for Water
  • Conservation Agriculture
  • Best Practices & Traditional Knowledge Adopted by States

Environmental Conflicts and Human Rights

  • Scope of Article 21
  • Environmental Justice Atlas
  • UN Global Compact
  • The Stockholm Declaration of 1972
  • Rio Conference, 1992
  • Recent Growing Environmental Conflict
  • Ease of Environmental Clearance
  • Dilution of CRZ Law
  • Non-utilisation of District Mineral Funds
  • Ineffectiveness of the NSG
  • Inter-linking of Rivers and Potential Climate Conflict
  • Subramanian Committee’s Report on Environmental Act
  • Lesson for India from China’s Environment Protection Reforms
  • How to Strengthen Environmental Rights

National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Scope of Application of AI
  • Focus Sectors for AI Intervention in India
  • AI Exemplar in the Healthcare Sector
  • AI Exemplar in the Agriculture Sector
  • AI Exemplar in the Education Sector

Deterrence Stability in South Asia

  • Nuclear Vs Conventional Deterrence
  • Trends in the Indo-Pacific Region
  • India’s Cold Start Doctrine

Constitutional Patriotism

  • How the Term Originated
  • Arguments against Constitutional Patriotism
  • Concept of Nation State: Comparison with Europe
  • Ideal Model of Constitutional Patriotism for India

Decline in Parliamentary Governance

  • Current Challenges
  • Criminalization of Politics and Politicization of Criminals
  • Abuse of Ordinance Making Powers
  • Parliamentary Sessions Washout

Developing Infrastructure Standards: Issues and Challenges

  • Existing Framework for Infrastructure Development
  • Problems in Existing Regulatory Framework
  • Developing Indian standards
  • BIS Act 2016
  • Energy Conservation Building Code 2017

India's Engagement with the World

  • Strategic Culture
  • Indian Exceptionalism
  • Defining South Asia
  • Asserting Leadership in the Developing World
  • Economic Foreign Policy
  • The Role of Parliament
  • India’s Engagement with Regional Groupings
  • India’s Strategic Connect with the World
  • Act East Policy
  • ‘Think West’ Diplomacy
  • Energy Diplomacy
  • Defence Cooperation and Foreign Policy
  • India’s Soft Power
  • Role of Buddhism in India’s Soft Power Strategy
  • India-Africa Relations
  • Maritime Security

  • India Watch
  • World Watch
  • Economy Watch
  • Ecology & Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • Society Watch
  • Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude
  • Help Desk

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