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 CSC Magazine (English) September 2018

CSC Magazine (English) September 2018

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338th Issue (September 2018) of Civil Service Chronicle is now on stands across India. Major highlights of the magazine include Special features on Important Topics, relevant for UPSC Civil Services Mains and Prelims. These topics include:

  • Contemporary Issues
  • Regular Column
  • Special Feature on Science & Technology
  • Urban Risks & Resilience in India
  • 25 Years of Convention on Biodiversity (CBD)
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

Agriculture Policies in India

  • Importance of Agriculture Sector
  • Trends & Evolution
  • Negative Market Price Support
  • Marketing & Trade Policies
  • Impact of Government Policies
  • Key Policy Recommendations
  • Evolution of Agricultural Policies in India

India-China Rivalry and The Himalayan Ecosystem

  • Indian Himalayan Region
  • Water Towers of the Earth
  • Fragile Ecosystem of Himalaya
  • Chinese & Indian Competition in Himalayan Region
  • Environmental Impact of China, India Conflicts
  • Water Grab in Brahamaputra
  • Trans-Himalayan Implications of Chinese Environmental Adventures

Traditional Belief System, Tribal Culture and Religious Conversions

  • Origins of the Religious Repercussions
  • Contemporary Indian Culture and Religious Philosophies
  • Methods of Tribal Absorption
  • Impact of Western Approach
  • Aftermath of the Western Overreach

Geo-economics of Indian Ocean

  • Shift in the Direction of Trade
  • Importance of Indian Ocean for India
  • Geo-economic Importance of the Indian Ocean
  • Mineral Resource Extraction
  • Sea Dependence for Oil
  • Relations with Indian Ocean Rim Nations
  • Importance of Singapore and Dubai

Project Shashakt

  • What are Stressed Assets?
  • Details of Project Sashakt
  • Banking Governance Issues
  • Bad Bank

Fake News and Mob Lynching

  • What is Fake News?
  • Directions of Supreme Court
  • Role of the Supreme Court
  • Steps Taken by WhatsApp

Internet of Things

  • What, How and Why?
  • Pros & Cons of the Technology
  • Application of IoT
  • Potential Challenges
  • Where is IoT Next?

Urban Risks and Resilience in India

  • Rapid Pace of Urbanisation and Potential Risks
  • Where is High Risk Concentration in India and Why?
  • Potential Approaches for Cities to Act?
  • National Programme for Building Resilience
  • International Framework for Action

25 Years of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

  • The Value of Biodiversity
  • Financial Mechanism for CBD
  • Cartagena Protocol
  • Nagoya Protocol
  • Benefit-sharing Obligations
  • Indian and CBD
  • Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Science & Technology

  • Robotics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Advancements in Space

1947-2017: 70 Policies ThatShaped India

  • Minimum Wages Act, 1948
  • Planning Commission
  • Factories Act
  • Oil and Natural Gas Division
  • Nationalisation of Banks
  • Nationalisation of Coal
  • Prevention of Corruption Act
  • New Exploration Licensing Policy
  • National Telecom Policy Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act
  • Aadhaar, 2016
  • and more....

India Watch

  • Key Issues & Analysis of the Anti-trafficking Law
  • Data Protection: Key Terms
  • Privilege Motion
  • Hunger Deaths: Fault Lies in the Implementation of Policies
  • No--Confidence Motion
  • Inheritance Laws and Transgenders' Rights
  • Essential Religious Practice and Women's Rights

World Watch

  • Global Slavery Index
  • Accession to WIPO Treaties
  • Indian becomes Regional Head of WCO
  • Rwanda's Grinka Programme
  • 10th BRICS Summit
  • CAATSA Exemption to India

Economy Watch

  • Effectiveness ofMSPs
  • Rythu Bandhu Scheme
  • Derivative Trading
  • Import Substitution Regime
  • Pesticide Residue: A Non-Tariff Barrier to Agriculture Exports
  • What is GDP Deflator?
  • Understanding Inflation
  • South African Intellectual Property Policy and Lesson for India
  • Weather Derivatives
  • Status of State Finance

Commodity Watch

  • Dairy Sector
  • Categorisation of Indian Breeds of Cattle
  • Promotion of Milk Co-operative
  • National Milk Vision

Ecology & Environment

  • World Network of Biosphere Reserves
  • Clean Fuel
  • Plastic Road Surfacing
  • Herbicide Glyphosate
  • Protection of Bay of Bengal
  • Breath India: An Action Plan for Combating Air Pollution
  • Illegal Entry of GMO Foods
  • Have we Entered a New Geological Time?
  • Why has Compensatory Afforstation Failed?

Science & Technology

  • Meghalayan: The New Geological Age
  • Blazars: A New Source for Neutrinos
  • Prabhanai Shakti: India's Biofortified Sorghum

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

  • Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Case
  • Need for an Ethical Media

Culture & Heritage

  • Census Data on Language
  • Unesco's Warning on Darjeeling Toy Train

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By Vikesh Balyan -- 01-Sep-2018

Cover page highlights about Telangana State PCS Gp-I examination, but, nothing is given in the magazine .