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CSC Magazine (English) November 2018

CSC Magazine (English) November 2018

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339th Issue (November 2018) of Civil Service Chronicle is now on stands across India. Major highlights of the magazine include Special features on Important Topics, relevant for UPSC Civil Services Mains and Prelims. These topics include:

  1. 100 Steps Towards Success
  2. Bonn Challenge and India
  3. Exchange Rate Management in India
  4. Mains 2018: Civil Service Chronicle’s Success Story
  5. Economically Viable, Environmentally Sustainable Development
  6. Constitutional Morality
  7. Aadhar Verdict
  8. India’s Energy Profile
  9. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2018
  10. Human Development Index 2018
  11. Navtej Johar V. Union of India: Key Highlights
  12. Zero Budget Natural Farming
  13. Status of India’s Ecological Hotspots
  14. India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP)
  15. Role of Faith in Conservation

Aadhar Verdict

  • Provisions that need to be changed
  • Surveillance
  • Privacy
  • Exclusion
  • Money Bill

India’s Energy Profile

  • Still Oriented towards Fossil fuels
  • Recent reforms in energy sector
  • Share of natural gas in energy mix
  • Domestic gas exploration and production
  • National Gas Grid
  • Gas Trading Hub/Exchange
  • Access to modern energy

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2018

  • Key findings of the report
  • Impact of climate change
  • India’s performance on various hunger indicators
  • Food insecurity

Human Development Index 2018

  • HDI 2018: Key Findings
  • Quality of human development
  • High inequality is a fundamental challenge
  • India’s performance
  • Measuring human development
  • Colour-coded dashboards

Navtej Johar V. Union of India: key Highlights

  • What is ‘Natural’
  • The miniscule minority
  • Article 19 (1) and 21

Zero Budget Natural Farming

  • Andhra Pradesh inspires other states
  • Objectives of ZBNF
  • Zero budget farming in basmati rice-wheat system
  • Why India needs to promote this method

Status of India’s Ecological Hotspots

  • Ecological and Climate Hazards
  • Western Ghats: A Threatened Ecosystem
  • Himalayas: Unstable and Ecologically Fragile
  • Ganga: The Clean-up Challenges
  • The Sunderbans: A Critically Endangered Ecosystem
  • The Andamans: Vanguard for a Potential Tsunami

India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP)

  • Mains Goals
  • Building Energy Efficiency
  • Cold Chain and Refrigeration
  • Thematic Areas
  • Requirement of Cooling
  • 24th World Ozone Day Celebration
  • Environment-friendly Cooling

Role of Faith in Conservation

  • Can Science and Faith cooperate for conservation biology
  • Sacred sites important for Biodiversity Conservation
  • Institutional efforts to conserve Sacred Sites
  • Strategy for India
  • Alliance of Religions and Conservation

CSE 2019: 100 Steps Towards Success

  1. Why do you want to become IAS?
  2. Preparation of note is an art
  3. Is NCERT important for reading?
  4. What to read from NCERT?
  5. Overlap of the IAS Mains optional subjects with GS: Is this the right strategy
  6. and 95 more steps towards success

  • India Watch
  • World Watch
  • Economy Watch
  • Ecology & Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • Society Watch
  • Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

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