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CHRONICLE ESSAY COMPETITION being published in the CSC English Magazine is an initiative to give our readers a chance to test their essay writing skills and win a prize money of Rs. 1000/-.
Many people across the country have been participating in the competition. The best essay will be published in the magazine and on the website.

The essay topic for this month i.e. March, is: ‘Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master’

Last Date for Submission of the Essay: 1st of April, 2020
Instructions to Chronicle Essay Competition:
1. The essay should not be more than 1200 words.
2. The best essay that would be published in the magazine will win the prize money of Rs. 1000/-.
3. The editorial team has the discretion of selecting the essays both to be published and placed on the site.
4. Only name and State will be displayed on the site.
5. Details required: Name, Address (with pin code)
6. Address is for delivering the cheque
7. Essays can be sent via e-mail or by post.

Mail your essays to:cscenglish@chronicleindia.in
Send your essays to: Chronicle Publications (P) Ltd, A-27D, Sector 16, Noida –201301 (U.P.)

Chronicle Essay Competition: Winners

Be the change you want to see in others

Winner Of CSC April 2020 Essay Competition : PankajYadav

Everyone’s contribution is needed to create a better world “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” -Paulo CoelhoWe all have a different version of the world we live in, further almost every one of us is not satisfied with the present and want a change in some way or the other. It could be the daily bus that you take to the office but never find a seat on the same and many a times it gets stuck in traffic and you reach late. It could be the pollution levels in the city you live in, where the air has become toxic. It could be the garbage thrown here


Role of Media in Good Governance

Winner Of CSC March 2020 15th Essay Competition : Jnandeep Bora

The role of media is important for any modern country because it may be termed as the very mirror of the various facets of its society. These various facets also include the facet of good governance. In the specific context of a modern democracy, good governance may in the long run, turn out to be the game changer as far as the destiny of a modern citizen of a present day democratic nation is concerned. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to analyze and interpret the role of media in the specific context of a modern democracy from the point of view of good governance. The role of media in promoting good governance is


Is India Facing a Moral or an Economic Crisis?

Winner Of CSC February 2020 14th Essay Competition : Bindiya Patankar

We are proud Indians but not blind ones. Something’s not right and we know it. Today India is going through a crisis and we can’t ignore it pretending it to be a phase.With all mob-lynching, rapes, economic slowdown, we cannot move towards the trillion dollars economy dream fantasizing that these are just bumps on road. There is clearly an evil that needs to be tackled down by getting at its roots. But what is it we are fighting? Is it an economic crisis or a moral one? As a nation what are we up against?Some say it is the economic crisis we are facing. With GDP growth for last quarter sinking down below 5%, unemployment


Medicine for the Ailing Planet

Winner Of CSC January 2020 13th Essay Competition : Deepakshi Jindal

“The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone will save it” -Robert SwanMan himself can make or mar his own destiny. He can save human race or can destroy all forms of life. The present indications are not encouraging any hope or improvements. The increasing environmental pollution is creating survival problems. The forests are disappearing, the deserts are expanding, and the earth is becoming inhabitable. Our planet is in trouble chiefly because of a population boom. Rapid industrial growth has polluted the natural environment. Environment pollution causes globa


Role of India in Changing the Global World Order

Winner Of CSC December 2019 12th Essay Competition : Animesh Kumar

Strolling through the dusty, musty, dirt ridden, cobbled, vine covered, brick laden, concrete layered, and often tarmacked streets of India,one can see development sprawling and sprouting on the horizon. The Indian economy and communal space much like these assorted avenues is a complex mixture of crude and comprehensive. The multidimensional exposure that India receives because of its ethnic diversity and a gargantuan population has over time catapulted India onto the world stage. India is now in the race to reclaim its former glory and prestige. As it tries to purge itself form the sizable stains of poverty and precarious social order,the International forum


Poverty Anywhere is a Threat to Prosperity Everywhere

Winner Of CSC November 2019 11th Essay Competition : Tiya Singh

In a post-globalised world order, humanity rests on imbricated systems of trade, economy, the environment and a massive, ever- expanding flow of ideas. In such a scenario, poverty threatens the very foundations of this fragile world order. Various economic research studies point toward a recent trend in increasing income inequalities within nations, as marked by the standardised measure of inequality known as the ‘Gini Coefficient’, especially over the past few decades. However, it is important to remember that the consequences of living in grossly unequal societies with millions living in poverty, goes beyond the perspective that mere economic denominator


Deepfakes – Menace on AI based Creations

Winner Of CSC October 2019 10th Essay Competition : Alefiya Lokhandwala

Winner: Alefiya Lokhandwala “Deep dark monsters loom in the dark,Along the pathways and Recesses that perhaps a few might embark. Evil hidden in plain sight,Hideous masks shunning the right.” The world we live in today has witnessed drastic technological advancements, more so in the last few decades than, in perhaps, the last century. Yet the blade that still hangs on our necks is: Is our species ready for the scientific innovations that have swung by us through the millennia?In recent years AI based applications have received a tidal wave of new upgrades and developments. Acknowledgin


Data is the New Currency of the World

Winner Of CSC September 2019 Essay Competition : Mah Tilat Tayyab

Data seems to have become the holy grail of everything “DIGITAL”. Many experts extoll the significance of data in today’s world by calling it the most important currency of the times we live in. Every business, every organization, every government scheme seems to hinge its decisions, marketing and operations on the data involved. As per the TCS global trend study of 2015, the IoT (Internet of Things) owed its growth to the customer data that was available. The study extolled how customer data was key to delivering custom made products, better customer service, razor sharp targeted marketing and so on, which begs the question, “What is data that give


Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

Winner Of CSC July 2019 Essay Competition : Amrita Brahmo

If we were to take a leap back to the early 20th century when Robert Frost penned this ubiquitous truth, we would find ourselves in a world where walls were both towering and crumbling. On the brink of the first World War, every major power was jealously guarding the last square inch of their existing territory even as it sought to outpace its contemporaries in acquiring newer domains. As the world map faced imminent rearrangement, the sentiment of neighbourly niceties embodied in the Bible was subsumed by shrewd alliances for strategic gain and national interest.Cut to the present day, and despite mankind’s great leaps in


The Highest Result of Education is Tolerance

Winner Of CSC June 2019 Essay Competition : Akhilesh S H

“The end of education is character The end of knowledge is love” Education in its very essence means bringing out what is best in a person and providing him/her an opportunity to realize his /her complete potentiality and giving rational touch to his feelings and thoughts. Education is meant neither exclusively for employment nor entertainment and not even for mere living but it is for life. So education cannot be an end in itself but it is only a means to an end since end of education is character and tolerance. Wit