Role of India in Changing the Global World Order

Winner Of CSC December 2019 12th Essay Competition : Animesh Kumar

Strolling through the dusty, musty, dirt ridden, cobbled, vine covered, brick laden, concrete layered, and often tarmacked streets of India,one can see development sprawling and sprouting on the horizon. The Indian economy and communal space much like these assorted avenues is a complex mixture of crude and comprehensive. The multidimensional exposure that India receives because of its ethnic diversity and a gargantuan population has over time catapulted India onto the world stage. India is now in the race to reclaim its former glory and prestige. As it tries to purge itself form the sizable stains of poverty and precarious social order,the International forum seems to have,quite generously opened their arms and ears for India to vocalize its opinions.

Not a “Super Power", neither a “Global Power”, India as a nation has created or rather designated itself the title of “Leading Power” and is presently in a league of its own. India has managed to create a few tremors in the social order previously dominated by the United States, China, and the European Union, and in its progression seems to have finally found the means to mutate the genetic structure of the present Global Social order. Indians suddenly bursting onto the world stage is neither coincidence nor fortuity but the final result of a series of inexorable events. Sounds like a conspiracy theory, doesn't it? But it's true.

The world has been marred with repetitive flings of feuds after feuds. For the past few decades the world has been bogged onto nothing but war. This needs to change and change pronto. If one were have an unprejudiced and impartial analysis of the present day India and look closely at the societal transformation on molecular level,one would observe the amalgamation of western and eastern principles seamlessly blending into one another. The world right now does not need a covenant of arms or swarm of ammunition. It needs peace.India despite all its shortcomings and limitations has managed to remain glued together and maintain peace among its multifarious ethnicities and languages for over seven decades. Maintenance of peace is something that India is quite skilled at. Take the cold war for example and access how India managed to steer clear of the war that destroyed many countries. Afghanistan is still experiencing the repercussions of the cold war. Those were olden times and we've come a long way from that. India has had a long standing history of not invading other countriesand our diplomatic ties are stronger now than ever before.The longstanding dream of embarking on a journey such as shaping and sculpting the new global world order seems much more palpable and realistic now than ever before. All we have to do is to take the bull by the horns. In the words of Alyssa Ayres, senior fellow for India at the United States Council of Foreign Relation, “Our Time Has Come”.

Spirituality Metaphysics and Secularism

It in not often that one’ll observe these three, rather conflicting terms crammed together in a single sentence.But then that’s India.The bringing together of these three terms in a harmonic symphony shows spirit of companionship that exists and this is something that the rest of the world can learn from us. India has vast reserve of spirituality and spiritual knowledge. The world time and again has looked upon India for spiritual Guidance. India has often been represented by individual brilliance on the world stage but never as a nation. Times are changing and so is India. In the last couple of decades,India has with great fervor began to own its identity and is willing to shine forth its rich history and calming tenor onto the rest of the world. Nations scattered all over the globe look upon the likes of Buddha, Vedas, Gita, Gandhi and Mahavira to untangle themselves from the thorny vines of envy spite and grudge.Max Muller, philologist form Germany once said, “If I were asked under what sky human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered over the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions of some of them which well deserve the attention even of those who have studied Plato, and Kant, I should point to India.” Now onto the metaphysics, I believe India has a lot to offer and the world has a lot to discover. The simplistic brilliance of the Indian metaphysicals,like Kabir, Tulsidas and Bodhidharman has just not been explored enough. The day is not far when the world shall bow down to the genius of these authors. Now, secularism is one topic that does not need any form of explanation. It is out for the world to see and adhere to, how we have managed to stay put despite all our differences and have very skilfully managed to prevent civil unrest with, I must say it with a grain of salt, literally hundreds of ethnicities and thousands of languages.

Nature and Us

India has managed to garner some spotlight through its many plantation drives and river rejuvenation project. The adivasi stand(natives of Gujarat, MP and UP)against the government to protect the Narmada is a story of courage and determination. It also shows our unbounded love for nature amidst the ever thickening concrete jungle. It also shows that ‘we the people’ have a voice in the democracy and India has not lost, in the race for development, its founding principles. The world needs more trees, we need more trees, if we are to survive and sustain. Where the first world countries have gone on a rampage and destroyed flora and fauna almost mercilessly we have carried the baton of hope against the dire circumstances. On August Nine 2019, More than a million Indian planted two-twenty-million trees to tackle climate change and improve the environment.

A Model for the Underdeveloped Nations to Follow

Tables have turned and times are changing. As the global trade shifts form the Atlantic, back to the IndianOcean, the subcontinent with its humongous population has become the pivot which churns the business world and India along with China is at present at the helm of this. While China may have made substantial growth, but its mechanised development is not something that nations in Africa wish to emulate. India however has actually served as a great and much more pragmatic role model for many African nations to follow. India has been the largest contributor of the UN peacekeeping force since its inception and a lot of this goes into Africa. We have substantial investment in the development of Africans nations and even nations in the Middle East. India built Afghanistan its new parliament. We are on the rise and have been at it for quite some time and have been tacitly contributing in shaping the new world.

India has infallibly always risen to every occasion and has a lot to offer to the rapidly changing political and social milieu. The potent question then is, Will India becomegreat again? Who knows perhaps that’s what the twenty-first century has in store for us.