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Amity School Of Engineering And Technology

Gearing Up For Industry 4.0

Prof. Dr. Deepti Mehrotra

Professor and Head, Accreditation, Ranking & Quality Assurance

Amity School of Engineering and Technology

“Industry 4.0” is the buzz word of today that emphasize to transform the industry by blurring the differences between work of people and work of machines. Industrial revolution triggers when there is significant technological breakthrough resulting in magnificent change in various processes involved in industry. Globally, industry has seen three revolutions, the first industrial revolution uses mechanization, water power, steam power to improve the operation of manufacturing industry, the second revolution introduced electricity into the industry and improved mass production using assembly line concept, and the third revolution also called as “digital revolution” uses electronics, communication and information technology to automate various routine tasks. With advent of “cyber-physical systems” which involve blending of hardware, software, and people to complete tasks, the era of fourth industrial revolution begins focusing on enhancing the information management for knowledge creation and real time decision-making using software. The 4th Industrial Revolution accumulates three phenomena, first one is ensuring digitization and information exchange by establishing real time communication between man-man, man-machine, machine-machine, second one to implement disruptive innovations to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the systems, finally development of machines that gain the ability for autonomous behavior through the use of artificial intelligence e.g., creating the robots which are more flexible and cooperative that can communicate with each other and human.

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