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Daily Quiz


RISE 2018 Report


Question :Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy” (RISE)-2018 Report which was presented at Katowice, Poland (COP24) is released by:



C. World Bank

D. Global Environment Facility.

Ans: C


World Bank has released its report- Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE) 2018 at Katowice , Poland (COP24)- charting global progress on sustainable energy policies.

What is the Report all about?

  • RISE is the first global policy scorecard of its kind, grading 111 countries in three areas: energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • The report is aimed at helping governments assess if they have a policy and regulatory framework in place to drive progress on sustainable energy and pinpoints where more can be done to attract private investments.

Report vis-à-vis India

India has been lauded in the report for its great success in renewable energy auctions that delivered record-setting low prices for solar power.

Source: worldbank.org
International Relations

Countries Of Particular Concern


Question : “Countries of Particular Concern” sometimes seen in the news is released by:





Ans: C


“Countries of Particular Concern” under the International Religious Freedom Act 1998 is released by the United States Secretary of State (under authority delegated by the President) to the countries engaged in systematic, ongoing and egregious violations of Religious Freedom.

Designated countries and organizations- Saudi Arabia, Russia, Eritrea, ISIS, Boko Haram, Pakistan, China etc.

Source: IE


Indra-Navy 18


Question :Indra-Navy 18” is a naval exercise between India and?

A. France

B. Russia


D. Bangladesh

Answer: B

Indra-Navy is a naval exercise between India and Russia which is being held at Vizag. The primary aim of the exercise is to increase interoperability amongst the two navies, develop common understanding and procedures for maritime security operations.
Source: TH





Consider the following statements about “Virus” ?

1. Virus can naturally reproduce outside a host cell.

2. Virus is a living organism.

3. A single Virus contains both RNA and DNA.

4. Microcephaly is caused by Zika Virus.

Choose the correct answer from the code given below:

A. 1, 3, 4 only
B. 2 and 3 only
C. 1, 2, 3 and 4
D. 4 only

Answer: D

• A virus is a biological agent that reproduces only inside the cells of living hosts. When infected by a virus, a host cell is forced to produce thousands of identical copies of the original virus at an extraordinary rate.
• Viruses are not living organisms and their genes have either RNA or DNA. So, statements 2 and 3 are incorrect.
• Microcephaly in children is caused because of Zika Virus. Hence, statement 3 is correct.
Source: Improvisation of Articles from IE

Environment & Ecology

Renewable Energy Of India



Which of the following contributes maximum to Renewable Energy of India?

A. Solar Energy

B. Wind Energy

C. Biomass

D. Tidal Energy.

Answer: B

Explanation: India’s installed capacity is around 350 GW with 60 GW as Renewable Energy. In 60 GW around 60% of the Renewable Energy is contributed by wind & around 21% by solar power. Hence, the correct answer is B.

Source: Economic Times


M13 Bacteriophage



“M13 Bacteriophage” sometimes seen in the news is

A. Drugs that deal with anti-microbial resistance

B. Virus

C. Bacteria

D. Protozoa

Answer: B

Recently, scientists have developed a Virus M13 Bacteriophage that is used to speed up the computers.
How this VIRUS Works?
There is a time delay between transfer and storage of information between a traditional RAM chip and a hard drive. This M13 Bacteriophage reduces that milliseconds time delay as low temperature construction memory can be achieved by this.
Source: Science Direct, TH

Art & Culture

Great Living Chola Temples



This Temple is made up of “Granite” and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the "Great Living Chola Temples" & is sometimes called as “Dakshina Meru”. It is also famed for the quality of its sculpture, as well as being the location that commissioned the brass Nataraja– Shiva as the lord of dance in 11th century. These references are with respect to which temple?

A. Brihadisvara Temple,

B. Gangaikonda cholapuram temple

C. Airavatesvara Temple.

D. Meenakshi Temple.

Answer : A

Brihadishvara Temple, also called Rajarajesvaram Temple, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in Thanjavur. It is one of the largest South Indian temples and an exemplary example of a fully realized Dravidian architecture. It is called as Dhakshina Meru (Meru of South). Built by Raja Raja Chola I between 1003 and 1010 AD, the temple is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the "Great Living Chola Temples", along with the Chola dynasty era Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple and Airavatesvara temple.

It is made up of Granite and has one of the largest Vimmana in South India. It was at this temple that “Nataraja” was commissioned.

Purpose of the Question:
Recently, High Court has stayed the Art of Living event at Brihadishvara Temple seeing the historical importance and other factors related to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Students must have a fair idea about this temple which falls under the Art & culture syllabus.



National Centre For Coastal Research


Question :

“National Centre for Coastal Research” which has recently published a report vis-à-vis Coastal Water Pollution is under which Ministry?

A. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

B. Ministry of Water and Shipping

C. Ministry of Earth Sciences

D. Ministry of Sanitation and Drinking

Answer: C

The Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management Project Directorate is an attached office of Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), and was established at Chennai in 1998. The Project Directorate has been continuing its activities in the field of Coastal Research, fully funded by MoES and it was re-designated as National Centre for Coastal Research (NCCR) on 20th April, 2018.

Purpose of the Question:
Recently, NCCR has published its report on Beach Pollution contributed majorly by tourism and fishing. Students are required to have basic knowledge about this Institution.

Intergovernmental Organizations

World Custom Organization


Question :

Consider the following statements about “World Custom Organization (WCO)”??

1. It is a specialized body working under the guidance & superintendence of World Bank.

2. WCO administers the technical aspects of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements on Customs Valuation and Rules of Origin.

3. WCO Secretariat is at Geneva & is headed by Secretary General who is having 3 years term.

Choose the correct option from the code given below:

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. 1, 2 & 3

D. 2 & 3 only

Answer : B

Explanation: World Customs Organization (WCO) is an intergovernmental organization headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. So, it is not an organization working under World Bank.

Aim of WCO

It works for combating counterfeiting in support of Intellectual Property Rights & administers the technical aspects of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements on Customs Valuation and Rules of Origin.
WCO Secretariat is at Brussels & is headed by Secretary General who is having 5 years term. So, statement 3 is wrong.

Purpose of the Question:

The 80th Session of the Policy Commission Meeting of the World Customs Organization (WCO) was held in Mumbai. Students shall be aware with the importance & features of this organization.


World Economic Forum


Question :

Which of the following reports are released by the World Economic Forum (WEF)?

1. Logistic Performance Index

2. Gender Gap Report

3. Environmental Performance Index

4. Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report

Choose the correct statement from the code given below:

A.1, 2 & 3 only

B. 2 & 4 only

C. 1, 2, 3 & 4

D. 2, 3 & 4 only

Answer : D


1. Logistic Performance IndexWorld Bank
2.Gender Gap ReportWorld Economic Forum
3. Environmental Performance IndexYale University with WEF
4. Travel & Tourism Competitiveness ReportWorld Economic Forum