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Emission Gap Report


Recently, the Emission Gap Report has been released. Which agency releases this report?

A. World Economic Forum




Answer : C

Explanation: The Emission Gap Report is released by the UNEP.
‘Emissions gap’, is the gap between where we are likely to be and where we need to be, in terms of greenhouse gas emission levels. It takes into account the latest scientific information, including the IPCC special report on 1.5°C. It basically tells us what all steps are to be taken to limit the global temperature to 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

Source: www.unenvironment.org


RISE 2018 Report

Question :Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy” (RISE)-2018 Report which was presented at Katowice, Poland (COP24) is released by:



C. World Bank

D. Global Environment Facility.

Ans: C


World Bank has released its report- Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE) 2018 at Katowice , Poland (COP24)- charting global progress on sustainable energy policies.

What is the Report all about?

  • RISE is the first global policy scorecard of its kind, grading 111 countries in three areas: energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • The report is aimed at helping governments assess if they have a policy and regulatory framework in place to drive progress on sustainable energy and pinpoints where more can be done to attract private investments.

Report vis-à-vis India

India has been lauded in the report for its great success in renewable energy auctions that delivered record-setting low prices for solar power.

Source: worldbank.org

National Centre For Coastal Research

Question :

“National Centre for Coastal Research” which has recently published a report vis-à-vis Coastal Water Pollution is under which Ministry?

A. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

B. Ministry of Water and Shipping

C. Ministry of Earth Sciences

D. Ministry of Sanitation and Drinking

Answer: C

The Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management Project Directorate is an attached office of Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), and was established at Chennai in 1998. The Project Directorate has been continuing its activities in the field of Coastal Research, fully funded by MoES and it was re-designated as National Centre for Coastal Research (NCCR) on 20th April, 2018.

Purpose of the Question:
Recently, NCCR has published its report on Beach Pollution contributed majorly by tourism and fishing. Students are required to have basic knowledge about this Institution.


World Economic Forum

Question :

Which of the following reports are released by the World Economic Forum (WEF)?

1. Logistic Performance Index

2. Gender Gap Report

3. Environmental Performance Index

4. Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report

Choose the correct statement from the code given below:

A.1, 2 & 3 only

B. 2 & 4 only

C. 1, 2, 3 & 4

D. 2, 3 & 4 only

Answer : D


1. Logistic Performance IndexWorld Bank
2.Gender Gap ReportWorld Economic Forum
3. Environmental Performance IndexYale University with WEF
4. Travel & Tourism Competitiveness ReportWorld Economic Forum