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10th Edition Of Delhi Dialogue


The 10th edition of the Delhi Dialogue is being organized in New Delhi withthe theme, 'Strengthening India-ASEAN Maritime Co-operation'. The Delhi Dialogue is a premier annual event to discuss politico-security, economic and socio-cultural engagement between India and ASEAN.


UNCTAD Meet On Consumer Issues


The UNCTAD meeting of third inter-governmental group of experts on consumer protection is scheduled during July 9-10 in Geneva. UNCTAD is the UN body looking after consumer issues and is headquartered in Geneva.


17th World Sanskrit Conference


The 17th World Sanskrit Conference is being held in Vancouver, Canada.More than 500 scholars and delegates from over 40 countries are participating in the five-day event. The purpose of this conference is to promote, preserve and practice the Sanskrit language all over the world by the people. The World Sanskrit Conference is being held in various countries across the globe once in every three years and so far it has been held thrice in India.


106th Indian Science Congress


The ‘106th Indian Science Congress’ will be held from January 3 to 7 at Lovely Professional University (LPU), Jalandhar with the theme ‘Future India: Science & Technology’. The 105th edition was held in Manipur.


Global Alliance To Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis


The 10th meeting of Global Alliance to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis (GAELF) was held in Delhi.

Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) or commonly known as Elephantiasis is one of the oldest and most debilitating neglected disease, which is currently endemic in 73 countries of the world, including India. LF disease is caused mainly by Wuchereria Bancrofti and spread by Culex mosquito.

GAELF is an alliance of partners from 72 LF endemic national country programmes, NGOs, private sectors, academic and research institutes and international development agencies that assists WHO's Global Programme to Eliminate Lymphatic Filarias.

3-Drug-Combination for Filariasis to be Tested

The Union Health Ministry is going to introduce a new three-drug combination for tackling the lymphatic filariasis (LF) scourge in India including Ivermectin, a new drug that has been introduced in the therapy. The case for three-drug combo is being made after India failed to control LF with the two-drug combo of Diethyl Carbamzine and Albandazole.

The pilot rollout of the new three-drug administration protocol – Ivermectin, Diethyl Carbamazine and Albandazole – will be initiated in five States; Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Up to 21 States and Union Territories, that include 256 districts, are reeling under a high burden of LF.

India has repeatedly missed deadlines to eliminate lymphatic filariasis, last one being in 2017. India has now extended the deadline to 2020.


North Korea–United States Summit


The first summit between North Korea and United States was held in Singapore. The US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un signed a joint statement, agreeing to security guarantees for North Korea, new peaceful relations, reaffirmation of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The US President also announced that the US would discontinue joint military exercises with South Korea.


SCO Summit 2018


The two-day Shanghai Cooperation Organisation or SCO Summit 2018 was held at Qingdao, China.

SCO is an inter-governmental organization founded by China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in 2001 to promote multilateral cooperation in the fields of security, economy and culture. SCO is the largest regional organisation in the world in terms of geographical coverage and population.

The SCO has eight full members — India, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan — and six dialogue partners and four observers.

After getting full member status in 2017 at SCO Summit Astana, Kazakhstan, in the Qingdao summit, India and Pakistan participated in that capacity for the first time.

Prime Minister Modi brought about the concept of SECURE: 'S' for security for citizens, 'E' for economic development, 'C' for connectivity in the region, 'U' for unity, 'R' for respect of sovereignty and integrity, and 'E for environment protection.


G7 Summit


The 44th G7 summit was held in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada. The “Group of Seven,” the G7 is the gathering of seven of the world’s most industrialized nations. This group is comprised of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S. The European Union is also considered a “non-enumerated member” of the group but doesn’t chair or host the summit. It is also participated by the European Commission.

The Canadian G7 presidency has 5 themes this year: Investing in growth that works for everyone; Preparing for jobs of the future; Advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment; Working together on climate change, oceans and clean energy & Building a more peaceful and secure world.

Originally G7 was G8 including Russia, but it was reformatted as G7 from 2014 due to Russia's participation suspension over its annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region.

The 45th G7 summit will be held in 2019, in Biarritz, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.


BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meet


The BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meet was held at Pretoria, South Africa. BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have reaffirmed the need for a comprehensive reform of the UN, including its Security Council, to make it more effective and efficient.


SCO Legal Expert Meet


The legal experts' group meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation-Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (SCO-RATS) was held in Pakistan. This was the first ever SCO meeting held in Pakistan since it become a member of the grouping in June, 2017 along with India.

The SCO-RATS, based in Tashkent, was established by the member states of the SCO in 2001 to combat terrorism, separatism and extremism.

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