National Medical Devices Promotion Council To Be Set Up Under DIPP

To give a fillip to the medical device sector, which is a sunrise sector, government announced setting up of a National Medical Devices Promotion Council under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) in the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.


  • The Medical Devices Industry (MDI) plays a critical role in the healthcare ecosystem and is indispensable to achieve the goal of health for all citizens of the country. The manufacturing and trade in MDI is growing steadily which includes a wide range of products. Although the industry has been growing in double digits but is predominantly import-driven with imports accounting for over 65% of the domestic market. As Indian manufacturing companies and start-ups move towards creating innovative products, the setting-up of the Council will spur domestic manufacturing in this sector.

Significance and Activities

The National Medical Devices Promotion Council will have the following objectives and activities:

  • Act as a facilitating and promotion & developmental body for the Indian MDI.
  • Hold periodic seminars, workshops and all related networking activities to garner views of the industry and understand best global practices in the sector and deliberate on various parameters for inclusion in the industrial and trade policies in medical devices.
  • Identify redundant processes and render technical assistance to the agencies and departments concerned to simplify the approval processes involved in medical device industry promotion & development.
  • Enable entry of emerging interventions and support certifications for manufacturers to reach levels of global trade norms and lead India to an export driven market in the sector.
  • Support dissemination and documentation of international norms and standards for medical devices, by capturing the best practices in the global market and facilitate domestic manufacturers to rise to international level of understanding of regulatory and non-regulatory needs of the industry.
  • Undertake validation of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) and other such entities within MDI sector, which add value to the industry strength in manufacturing to gain foothold for new entrants.
  • Make recommendations to government based on industry feedback and global practices on policy and process interventions to strengthen the medical technology sector, including trade interventions for related markets.


  • Global benchmarking in medical devices will lead to better scientific management of domestic manufacturing processes. It will generate quality in devices and efficiency in production processes.
  • Indigenous equipments will be cheaper and bring down the cost of treatment for numerous treatments.
  • It will create an ecosystem of medical device industry and subsequently generate employment.
  • Cheaper medical devices and digital revolution will increase the penetration of medical treatment in previously underserved isolated areas and usher in general well-being of the society.