Streamlining SPG: The Special Protection Group (Amendment) Act, 2019

The Special Protection Group (Amendment) Act, 2019 received the assent of the President on the 9th December, 2019. It is an Act to amend the Special Protection Group Act, 1988.


The Special Protection Group (SPG) was raised in 1985 with the intention to provide proximate security cover to the Prime Minister, former Prime Ministers and their immediate family members. SPG officers are ingrained in high leadership qualities, professionalism, and knowledge of proximate security and inculcate the culture of leading from the front.

Salient Features

  • The amendments will make two key changes: SPG will provide security only to Prime Minister of the day and immediate family members residing with him or her. The other key change is that former Prime Ministers will be guarded by SPG commandos only for a period of 5 years after demitting office.
  • If security is withdrawn from a former Prime Minister, then security shall also stand withdrawn from members of immediate family of such former Prime Minister


  • It will reduce financial burden on state exchequer.
  • It will reduce the VIP culture and status symbol.
  • It will optimize the deployment of special protection group personnel linked to the actual level of threat to the Prime Ministers and his family.
  • SPG as an institution will maintain its speciality.