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Topper's Interview


Alok Sharma Alok Sharma is a British MP and President-designate of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP-26), which is scheduled to be held at Glasgow, UK in November 2021. Yoshiro Mori Yoshiro Mori, the head of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, a former Prime Minister, who drew criticism over sexist .... Read More
On the Hot Seat

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Nigerian economist Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has assumed office as the 7th Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO). She is the first woman as well as the first African national to lead the organization. Ligia Noronha Indian economist Ligia Noronha has been appointed as Assistant Secretary-General of UN and Head of the New .... Read More
Faces Only in Memory

Major General BK Mahapatra Retired Major General Basant Kumar Mahapatra, who had participated in four major wars including Goa Liberation and Indo-China war, passed away. During his 40 years of career in Defence he had taken part in 1961 Goa Liberation, 1962 Indo-China war, 1965 fierce Patton Tank battle in Khemkaran of .... Read More
States in News

‘REWARD’ Project The Govt. of Odisha has approved the proposal for implementation of the ‘Rejuvenating Watersheds for Agricultural Resilience through Innovative Development (REWARD)’ project to ensure efficient water management & enhanced cropping area. Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh has introduced a system of issuing a unique 16-digit Unicode to mark all kinds of .... Read More
Places in News

Vijayanagara Vijayanagara became the 31st district of Karnataka on 8th February, 2021 which was carved out of Ballari district. Bihar In a first for an Indian State, Bihar has signed a memorandum of understanding with the UN Environment Programme to achieve climate resilience and low carbon development by 2040. Bajali A major Bamboo Agarbatti Stick .... Read More
Organisations in News

Skyroot Aerospace Skyroot Aerospace, a startup founded by former scientists of ISRO has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with ISRO on behalf of Department of Space (DoS), through which it can use the facilities & technical expertise in ISRO centers for development of their Launch Vehicle Development .... Read More

Initiatives to Honour ‘Netaji’ To honour Subhash Chandra Bose on his 125th anniversary, the West Bengal Govt. has announced to form a Netaji Battallion, Netaji State Planning Commission, and in all districts a Jay Hind Bhawan. Earlier, the Central Government has declared Netaji’s birth day to be observed as ‘Parakram Diwas’ and .... Read More
Committee/ Commission

Rohini Commission The Centre has extended the tenure of Rohini Commission until 31st July, 2021 to submit its report on Sub-categorisation of Other Backward Classes .... Read More

INS Karanj: Indian Navy gets Third Scorpene Submarine The Indian Navy got its third Scorpene submarine, which will be commissioned as INS Karanj, of Project P-75. Earlier, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited, MDL, has delivered two Scorpene submarines named Khanderi, Kalvari. The fourth submarine, Vela, launched on May 6 2019, has commenced sea trials, .... Read More
World of Awards

Asia Environmental Enforcement Award-2020 The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB), a statutory body established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to combat organised wildlife crimehas received the Asia Environmental Enforcement Award-2020 awarded by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). International Anti-corruption Champions Award Right to .... Read More
World of Sports

Narendra Modi Stadium President Ram Nath Kovind laid the foundation stone of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Enclave, an ambitious project to come up over an area of 215 acres along the Sabarmati riverfront at Motera in Ahmedabad and digitally inaugurated the newly revamped Motera cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, which has .... Read More
India’s Aspirations for UNSC Permanent Membership

Permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council is an important and legitimate aspiration for India in order to discharge its rightful role in the maintenance of international peace and security. Being the largest democratic country, India is trying to get the coveted permanent seat at the UNSC for years. .... Read More
Social Justice in the Digital Economy

Are technological advances and equitable development at odds? That’s one question in focus as we mark World Day of Social Justice, which this year looks closer at how to ensure the digital economy does not deepen inequality. Visions of a global knowledge-based economy and universal electronic commerce, characterized by the .... Read More
India's foreign trade- prospects and challenges

Foreign Trade has been one of the most significant determinants of economic development in a country. The foreign trade of a country consists of inward and outward movement of goods and services, which result into outflow and inflow of foreign exchange from one country to another country. International trade is a .... Read More
Indian Economy - Sectors of Economy (Class Notes Special-3)

Agriculture : Primary Sector of Indian Economy Primary sector makes direct use of natural resources. The primary sector is an economic description, concerned with the extraction of raw materials. This sector includes agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing, mining etc. The well being of other sectors depends upon the wellbeing of primary .... Read More
Indian Economy - GDP and Inflation (Class Notes Special-3)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the total money value of final goods and services produced in the economic territories of a country in a given year. GDP stands for the total value of goods and services produced inside the territory of India irrespective of whom produced it – .... Read More
Indian Economy - Poverty, Inclusive Growth and Human Resource Development (Class Notes Special-3)

Poverty As per UN, “Fundamentally, poverty is a denial of choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity.”For example, it means lack of basic capacity to participate effectively in society,it means not having enough to feed and clothe a family, not having a school or clinic to go to, not having .... Read More
Indian Economy - Fiscal Policy (Class Notes Special-3)

Revenue and Taxation Objectives Economic Development:One of the important objectives of taxation is economic development. Economic development of any country is largely conditioned by the growth of capital formation as capital formation is the kingpin of economic development. Full Employment: Since the level of employment depends on effective demand, a country desirous of .... Read More
Indian Economy - Banking and Finance (Class Notes Special-3)

Banking Objectives of Banking Safeguard Deposits: Bank serves the main purpose of accepting deposits from public and safeguarding it. It guarantees the safety of funds to customers for depositing their money in their accounts. Provide Loans: It advances loan to customers at both short-term and long-term basis as per their needs. Bank provides .... Read More
Indian Economy - Government Debt (Class Notes Special-3)

Objectives of Government Debt The main objective of public debt management is to ensure that the government's financing needs and its payment obligations are met at the lowest possible cost over the medium to long run, consistent with a prudent degree of risk. Security Market in India 1.Commodity Indices A commodity index is an .... Read More
Indian Economy - Budget(Class Notes Special-3)

Budget Article 112 of the constitution defines budget as ‘Annual Financial Statement’ of State. A government budget is a year-long country’s financial report explaining item-wise calculations of future revenue and expenditure. Objective of Budget Reallocation of Resources – It helps to distribute resources keeping in view the social and economic advantages of the .... Read More
Indian Economy - Infrastructure(Class Notes Special-3)

Infrastructure in India Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Indian economy. The sector is highly responsible for propelling India’s overall development and enjoys intense focus from Government for initiating policies that would ensure time-bound creation of world class infrastructure in the country. Need To Improve Connectivity: In the coming decade, .... Read More
Indian Economy - Indian Trade (Class Notes Special-3)

India has emerged as the fastest growing major economy in the world and is expected to be one of the top three economic powers in the world over the next 10-15 years, backed by its robust democracy and strong partnerships. Domestic Trade India’s GDP (at constant 2011-12 prices) was estimated at Rs. .... Read More