Indo-China Informal Summit- Without Sino-Pak Prism

India China Informal Summit started in 2018 at Wuhan and 2nd summit was organised at Mammallapuram, near Chennai.


  • Informal Summit is the diplomacy at the highest level, that is, between the heads of the states. It includes candid exchange of views and direct talks. It is not planned rather it takes place when the need is felt.
  • It is unlike the formal summits which is agenda driven which includes targets and outcomes. Thus it is a forum where countries could explore the areas of convergence and cooperation which is not influenced by any outside world.
  • Wuhan summit decreased the tensions generated by the Doklam crisis which led to the understanding that informal friendly impromptu platform is a necessity for international diplomacy and sound bilateral diplomacy.
  • Realizing that both countries are economic giants and 21st century belongs to Asia, India and China have acknowledged that India and China are not enemies but are economic powerhouses with converging interests.

Outcomes of Indo-China Informal Summit

  • Sino-Pak relations didn’t have any bearing on the India–China relations anymore.
  • Civilisational links were put to maximum use in case of Mammallapuram meet.
  • Indian Prime minister is acknowledged worldwide to have been pursuing an active foreign policy, thus China doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to bridge the trust and spread mutual bonhomie.
  • Understanding that world wants peace and military conflicts are mutually damaging, summits are a thaw in a politically charged atmosphere.
  • Convincing China that terrorism is a global threat without mentioning Pakistan.
  • Chinese acknowledgement that Kashmir is a bilateral issue whereby china toned down its position after initial decision to take the issue to United Nations Security Council and India assured that change of status of Kashmir would not affect India-China disputes.
  • China’s balanced position after Pulwama attack.
  • China didn’t block the listing of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist by UN.
  • India remained silent on the anniversary of Dalai Lama’s coming to India.
  • Tibet issue is sidelined.

Thus both sides while acknowledging the sensitivities of each other, are using the informal summits to a fruitful result.