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India-Indonesia: Cooperation On Outer Space

The Union Cabinet on 6 February, 2019, gave approval to the Framework Agreement between India and Indonesia on cooperation in the exploration and uses of outer space for peaceful purposes. The Framework Agreement was signed and exchanged at Jakarta on 30 May, 2018.

Global Isolation Of Pakistan On The Issue Of Terror Funding

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global watchdog for terror financing, that kept Pakistan on the Grey List for an extended period till February 2020, had warned in October 2019 that Islamabad would be put on the ‘Black List’ if it did not comply with the remaining 22 points in a list of 27 questions. Pakistan submitted a report comprising answers to 22 questions to the FATF on December 2019.

Awards Conferred On Prime Minister – Sign Of Increasing Soft Power Of India

Conferment of highest civilian awards especially by Muslim countries clearly shows greater recognition to secular credentials of India which is the ground for the good relations of India with West Asian Muslim countries.

India & Indo-Pacific

The acceptance of the Indo-Pacific as a single strategic construct linking the contiguous waters of the western Pacific and the Indian Ocean has gained currency in the last few years with the shift in the geopolitical center of gravity to this region.

India Invited At OIC

India participated as the “guest of honour” in the 46th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held in Abu Dhabi in response to an invitation from Foreign Minister His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates.

Indo-China Informal Summit- Without Sino-Pak Prism

India China Informal Summit started in 2018 at Wuhan and 2nd summit was organised at Mammallapuram, near Chennai.

India's Engagement With The World-Part 2

India's Parliament plays a lesser role in formulation and execution of foreign policy than in other parliamentary democracies. This is not what the founders of modern India envidaged. The record of discussions in the Constituent Assembly soon after Independence shows that India's founding elite wanted Parliament to be supreme in the conduct of international affairs.

G-20 Summit 2018

It is an international forum that brings together the world's 20 leading industrialized and emerging economies which accounts for 85 per cent of world GDP, 80% of total global trade volume and two-thirds of its population. It serves as a convention for deliberate economic communication between industrialized and developing countries.

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