Preeti Jha
Rank-1 Chhattisgarh Judicial Services Examination - 2020

C.S.C.: Achieving top slot in the Judicial Services Examination is no small feet; accept our heartiest congratulations on your splendid success.

Preeti: Thanks a lot.

C.S.C.:Can you recall the exact moment when you realized the importance of Judicial Services?

Preeti: I always had interest in Judicial Services. However, when I started practising in Chhattisgarh High Court, I realized the prestige and responsibilities of Judges.

C.S.C.:Finally, at what point of time did you make up your mind to make career in ‘Judicial Services’?

Preeti: After completing my graduation in Law, I started preparing for Judicial Services.

C.S.C.:You must have read Toppers’ interviews in newspapers/magazines; what inspired you the most? Any particular success story which influenced your journey to this result?

Preeti: I used to read Toppers’ interviews and it always inspired and motivated me.

C.S.C.: Was JSE a planned decision or your parent’s wish? Did you keep in mind some time-frame, for the examination preparation and number of attempts?

Preeti: It was both a planned decision as well as my parent's wish. My mindset towards JSE was that until I achieve success I would continue my preparation.

C.S.C.:About Interview Boards, many candidates have set impressions. Do you consider such thoughts help or hinder one’s performance in Interview?

Preeti: Yes, up to some extent it mentally prepares us for the interview.

C.S.C.:What was your first step when you were really serious about making a career in Judicial Services?

Preeti: I went through the syllabus and divided my time for all subjects which I had to read together.

C.S.C.: Were you confident of your success in this examination and how did you react to this news of your success?

Preeti: Yes, upto certain extent I was confident of my success. However, getting 1st rank was beyond my imagination. It was a mix of joy and surprise.

C.S.C.:In how many attempts have you achieved this success? How do you visualize your preparation/previous attempts?

Preeti: In 2nd attempt I achieved this success. My previous attempt made me aware of my weak points so, it was a great help.

C.S.C.:Were you preparing for other career opportunities as well while preparing for your ultimate goal i.e. career in Judicial Services?

Preeti: No, I was fully focused towards Judicial Services Examination.

C.S.C.:While the changing economic environment offers immense lucrative career opportunities in various sectors, still what kept you motivated towards Judicial Services?

Preeti: The immense respect and prestige of judiciary.

C.S.C.:'Time Management' - is a key factor while making preparations as well as in writing examination papers. Did you come across such a problem during this period? If yes, then how did you manage things?

Preeti: Yes, during preparation for mains, I faced this problem. To overcome with it, I used to put alarms for specific intervals every day and tried to complete practice papers of Ambition Law Institute in that time frame only.

C.S.C.: List some of the Magazines, Newspapers, Books, etc. which you read for 'General Studies’ preparation.

Preeti: One Hindi and English newspaper every day, along with monthly magazine of Civil Services Chronicle.

C.S.C.:How did you prepare yourself for Interview? When and which Board did you face? How did your interview go on, how much time it lasted and what were the questions asked during the Interview?

Preeti: For interview, I made panel at home which consisted of my parents and brother. I faced the Board of Hon'ble J. M.M. Shrivastava Sir. My interview went quite smoothly and it lasted for about 15-20 minutes. Maximum questions were from law and few from current affairs.

C.S.C.:What is the importance of medium of examination for exams like JSE?

Preeti: In my opinion, candidate's medium does not affect his or her preparation in JSE.

C.S.C.:Does the educational, financial and demographic status of the family of an aspirant have any impact on the preparation?

Preeti: Yes, upto some extent it impacts on JSE preparation. However, it is not hindrance in getting selected for aspirants.

C.S.C.:According to a recent report published by reputed survey agency, Civil Services Chronicle is the largest read Career & Competition magazine. What is your opinion?

Preeti: In my opinion, Civil Services Chronicle is one of the most useful competition magazines. It gives us all important details in a single book.

C.S.C.: To whom would you like to give the credit for your success?

Preeti: Credit goes to my Papa, Ma, my Brother, my Teachers, entire Team of Ambition Law Institute, my seniors and God for success.

C.S.C.:Any suggestion/advice you would like to give to the future aspirants.

Preeti: I would like to give them my best wishes and advise them for continuous motivation till success.

C.S.C.:Thank you very much and wishing you all the best for your future endeavors.

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