Civil Services Main Examination 2020 Psychology (Optional) Paper II

Section A

1. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each: 10×5=50

(a) What is meant by social integration? How can religious harmony be promoted to attain social integration in the present scenario in India? 10
(b) Bring out the role of social agencies in the rehabilitation of persons suffering from substance abuse. 10
(c) 'Values cannot be fostered through TV and mass media'. Critically evaluate the statement. 10
(d) What is meant by glass ceiling effect? Discuss the factors that facilitated some women to break this glass ceiling. Illustrate with some examples. 10
(e) Women in remote village have been deprived of development related benefits. What steps would you suggest to enable women to take advantage of these benefits? 10

2. (a) Explain the nature of diversity in today's organizations in India. What steps should organizations take to manage diversity? 15
(b) What are the challenges in the development and uses of psychological tests? Illustrate with examples. 15
(c) Enumerate the major purposes of psychological testing in educational settings and discuss ways in which psychological testing helps both the teacher and student. 20

3. (a) How does categorization as in-group and out-group influence social relations? How can such influence of categorization be minimized? Discuss with examples. 15
(b) Environmental degradation is a major issue. Explain what has led to this and how it has impacted the life of people and society in India. 15
(c) How media influences pro and anti-social behaviour? Discuss one instance of pro-social and one instance of anti-social behaviour. 20

4. (a) How can psychology contribute in managing IT and mass media for 'Atma Nirbhar Bharta'? Discuss. 15
(b) Who are juvenile delinquents? Discuss the steps involved in the rehabilitation and prevention of juvenile delinquency. 15
(c) What are the potential sources of stress for people working in research and development organisations? Discuss some of the individual and organizational approaches in these organizations to manage stress. 20

Section B

5. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each: 10×5=50

(a) Explain the psychological conceptualization that helps in understanding the economic development. 10
(b) How are indigenous therapies an alternative to classical insight therapies? Discuss. 10
(c) How has population growth impacted human and social lives? Discuss this in the light of COVID-19 pandemic crisis. 10
(d) Discuss the factors that contribute to political behaviour in organizations. 10
(e) In what ways psychological tests are better tools in assessing individual differences? Explain. 10

6. (a) Identify and discuss the key elements contributing to effective social change in a marginalized community. 15
(b) On the basis of psychology of motivation write a programme-sketch for entrepreneurship development. 15
(c) Illustrate the basic tenets of psycho-dynamic and client centered therapies. Discuss the effectiveness of these therapies as forms of treatment of mental disorders. 20

7. (a) What are some of the problems faced by defence personnel posted in tough terrain? Discuss how positive mental health can be promoted among them. 15
(b) Describe and evaluate the techniques used in the training for memory development. 15
(c) Describe the symptoms of depression and mood disorder. Give an account of etiological factors and suggest the appropriate therapeutic treatment for these disorders. 20

8. (a) In case of highly skilled professionals does their motivation come from within or is it the result of situational factors? Explain this in the light of theories of motivation. 15
(b) How are schizophrenic disorders different from anxiety disorders? Explain with examples. 15
(c) Think of a social group which has been subjected to prolonged deprivation. In what ways prolonged deprivation has impacted the lives of people belonging to this group? Suggest ways to mitigate these effects. 20