Civil Services Main Examination GS Paper III 2011

Q.Comment on the Kessler syndrome with reference to space debris.

Q. Comment on International Year of Chemistry.

Q. Comment on designer poultry eggs.

Q. Comment on differences between Compact Disc (CD), Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) and Blu-ray Disc.

Q. Comment on difference between ‘spin-drying’ and ‘tumble-drying’ technology with reference to drying of washed clothes.

Q. Comment on the ‘Arsenic-bug’ and the significance of its discovery.

Q. Comment on ‘Concentrated’ solar energy and’ photovoltaic’ solar energy.

Q. Comment on analog hybrid and IP systems in CCTV technology

Q. Comment on various applications of Kevlar.

Q. Comment on Omega-3 fatty acids in our food.

Q. Comment on following in not more than 50 words each:

(a) Nisarga-Runa technology of BARC.
(b) The first aid that you can safely administer to a person standing next to you at the bus stop who suddenly faints.
(c) The Kaveri K-10 aero engine.
(d) Molecular Breast Imaging Technology.