Civil Services Main Examination GS Paper III 2012

Q. Explain significance of the SPOT-6 rocket launch for ISRO.

Q. Discuss the globalization of R&D and its impact on India’s development. Provide an illustration from at least one sector such as Information Technology or Health.

Q. The human population is slated to grow to 9 billion by 2050. In this context, many scientists predict that plant genomics would play a critical role in keeping out hunger and preserving the environment. Explain.

Q. The safe landing of the “Curiosity” Rover under NASA’s space programme has sparked many possibilities. What are those and how could humankind benefit from them?

Q. The Sequoia supercomputer was launched this year. What are its specific features and what is its purpose?

Q. The Human Papilloma Virus vaccine has been making the headlines in the recent months. Who make the ideal candidates for receiving this vaccine and what are its benefits?

Q. What do you understand by the term “Innovation”? Discuss the need for launching a national innovation policy in India.

Q. What do you understand by the term “Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis” (MDR-TB)? What measures would you advocate for its containment and what are the implications of its spread in the community?

Q. Given the accelerated pace of development and demand for energy, would you consider renewable energy as a viable option for India’s future?

Q. In the context of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, India has emerged as a hub of commercial surrogacy. What key biological, legal and ethical issues merit consideration while framing the regulation to govern surrogacy in India?

Q. Despite strict prohibitory regulations, “doping” has become increasingly common amongst athletes. Name five commonly used performance-enhancing drugs. What are the risks associated with their use?

Q. Many food items contain ‘trans fats’. What do you understand by this term? Which Indian food items contain Trans fats? What are the implications of trans fats on human health?