Civil Services Main Examination GS Paper III 2013

Q. How far are India’s internal security challenges linked with border management particularly in view of the long porous borders with most countries of South Asia and Myanmar?

Q. Money Laundering poses a serious security threat to a country’s economic sovereignty. What is its significance for India and what steps are required to be taken to control this menace?

Q. What are social networking sites and what security implications do these sites present?

Q. Cyber warfare is considered by some defense analysts to be a larger threat than even Al Qaeda or terrorism. What do you understand by cyber warfare? Outline the cyber threats which India is vulnerable to and bring out the state of the country’s preparedness to deal with same.

Q.Article 244 of the Indian Constitution relates to administration of scheduled areas and tribal areas. Analyze the impact of non-implementation of the provisions of the Fifth Schedule on the growth of Left Wing Extremism.